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Collaborate with Prezi

The Basics

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Collaborate with Prezi

Collaborate with...
Once viewers enter your prezi you will see their avatars.
Collaborate with...
Click "Present online"
to get started.
Then click
If you are already working on a prezi...
Click "Start online presentation" and share the link
Or select "Invite to edit" to
work together and edit a single document
You don't need a Prezi account to view an online presentation, but you do to edit one.
Get your account here
To give a collaborator control of the prezi, click on their avatar and select
"Hand Over Presentation."
To follow someone, click on their avatar and select
"Zoom to position."
By clicking on the sidebar you can see who's in your prezi and start your online presentation.
Once started, your colleagues will be prompted to join the online presentation.
you can create and edit with up to 10 people, and present prezis remotely to a maximum of 40 people in real time anywhere in the world.
Collaborate with...
A tutorial...
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