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Evidence & Investigation Unit Plan

No description

Kaitlin Brown

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Evidence & Investigation Unit Plan

Grade 6 Evidence & Investigation Unit Plan Students sharpen their skills in observing and interpreting what they see by investigating evidence of human and animal activity. They explore and analyze indoor and outdoor environments as they look for footprints, markings, evidence of disturbance and things that are left behind. Through these studies, students learn to pose questions, devise investigations, recognize patterns and discrepancies, and think logically about what they have observed. Students will create a forensics booklet-a foldable single paper book with 8 pages- 1 page for notes from each section (use 11x17” paper so students have more room in booklet website: http://pinterest.com/theowl3/foldables-for-school/ ). General Overview Best time of the year to teach: Oct 31 - Dec 14
Time needed to teach the unit: 6.5 weeks Timeline Lessons To Be Taught Skills:
This unit is all about developing the inquiry and interpretation skills of the students. It encourages students to observe, gather, infer, hypothesize, interpret,experiment and solve problems. By focusing on evidence and investigation, this unit assists students to ask questions and seek out the answers, while at the same time, teaches them the importance of proper material handling procedures and the use of scientific techniques to draw conclusions based on different types of evidence.Throughout this process students will identify and access sources to identify solutions. As they identify solutions they will learn how to examine the impact and effect of those solutions. In addition,this unit helps to develop strong group communication skills as students work together to share and analyze evidence.

In an attempt to develop positive student attitude toward science, this unit focuses on the following: curiosity, confidence, inventiveness, flexibility, appreciation, and personal and shared responsibility. through shared activities and experiences, the unit stresses group work and seeks to inspire a willingness to work with others. First Lesson: Staged Robbery
Inquiry Lesson: Tire Track Challenge
Project: Solve The Crime
Outcomes and essential questions for the unit.
To be prepared we would need to look to see what the students did in Grade 5, and know
where they are going for Grade 7.
Guidelines for working in teams and in pairs.
Worksheets made in advance. Other supplies and materials made in advance as well.
Actually have done the projects before giving to students.
Have lessons differentiated for all different students in class.
Formative assessments thought of before unit.
PowerPoint and Smart lessons created in advance.
Get SMARTresponse simulator remotes
Advanced Preparation
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