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Policy Automation

No description

Heike Lorenz

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Policy Automation

The effectiveness of an organisation is not only reflected in its ability to formulate policy, but also in its ability to execute such policies effectively.
Increasing Policy Complexity
Getting policy implementation correct is critical!

Failed execution can result in regulatory negligence, exposing public and private organizations alike to a host of legal issues.
As Francis Sullivan, Adviser on the Environment, HSBC says
“Writing policy is the easiest thing to do; the hardest thing is to get the governance and structure right from day one.”
The answer
Oracle Policy Automation

A Path to
Policy Agility
Frequent Policy Changes
Efficiency Demands
So what are
the challenges?
Greater Accountability
Agile policy capture, deployment and management

Consistent policy-based interactive decision making across all channels

Transparent and auditable policy decisions
Organizations need a solution that can deliver:
How can organizations address these challenges?
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