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Michelle Obama

No description

Tanner Roseborough

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama: A Portrait of American Leadership Biography Leadership Style Michelle Robinson was born on January 17th, 1964 in Chicago, Illinois. She was an honors student in high school and also took many advanced placement classes. She graduated from Princeton University in 1985 and went on to earn her law degree from Harvard Law School in 1988. She met Barack Obama at a Chicago law firm.On October 3, 1992 the couple were married. In 2008 she became the first lady of the United States. Since then, she has made a huge impact on the country. She uses her leadership position to help others and make things better for the less fortunate. I consider Michelle Obama to be a charismatic leader because of the followers she has. A charismatic leader has many dedicated followers who will stand behind them no matter what happens. Michelle Obama has formed a deep bond with the people of the United States that support her. They are completely devoted to her and her ideas. She has done this by gaining their trust and forming a deep bond with the people she is leading. She also relates to them on a personal level to help them trust her more. She has formed this relationship in many different ways. Emphasis on Self-Respect Michelle Obama always puts a major emphasis on self-respect and respecting other people. This is important because it shows that she is focused on making sure that everyone in the U.S. feels okay with who they are and that people are being treated fairly by others. This is shown through the speeches she has made to the American public. In her speeches, she respects the beliefs of opposing parties and candidates even though she may not agree with them. She never puts anyone down for believing differently than her. By respecting others, she has built a deep personal bond with her followers, resulting in her ability to have such a deep, committed following. The Encouragement of Others Another way Michelle Obama has developed such a following is by always advocating for the encouragement of others. She is constantly empowering others, especially young men and women in America. Because she is an influential leader, when people hear encouragement from her, it can go a long way. In 2010, she launched the Let's Move Campaign that urges kids to get outside and exercise as much as possible every single day. Another part of the program is her encouragement for parents to by healthier foods for their children. She noticed the obesity rates for children had been rapidly increasing and decided she needed to do something about it. By encouraging these families, she has built a level of trust between herself and he followers. It also helps her to relate to these people because she has a family of her own. If the people are more connected to their leader, they're more likely to do what she says in times of stress. Relating to the Common Working Citizen Another leadership quality Michelle Obama has is her ability to relate to the common working citizen. Even though she has a lot of money and doesn't have an actual working job, she still relates to the citizens of the U.S. She was raised in a family that didn't have much money so she knows what it's like to be in that situation. Now that she's a part of the most influential family in the United States, she uses her position to help out those still stuck in her situation. This story makes her relatable to the citizens of America and it lets them see that she has been right in their shoes. This deepens the bond between the people and Michelle Obama. This also adds to the devotion of her followers because they feel like they know her on a personal level. Effective Communication One of the first lady's specialties is effectively communicating with the people of America. In every one of her speeches she speaks with eloquence and grace. She also speaks with such passion and conviction towards her topic, that many people find it impossible not to be swept into her speeches. The first lady delivers a call to action at the end of each of her speeches as well. She is clear and persuasive on any topic she has to speak on but she is also open to the ideas of others and relatable to the people she is speaking to. As a leader, effective communication is possibly the most important thing to learn. Mrs. Obama has mastered effective communication and uses this to help her become an even better leader. By keeping an open mind and communicating back and forth, she breaks down the walls that people may feel are between themselves and the first lady. This allows people to actually talk to Mrs. Obama and get their ideas out into the open. Dedication to Her Husband & Issues One of the main things that makes Michelle Obama a good leader is the way that she backs up her husband as President of the United States. She is one hundred percent devoted to helping Barack Obama. She stands behind him in every way. In her speeches, she always refers to him as "a man we can trust". She also gives him constant praise as a husband and a father. By showing this devotion to her husband, she shows that she is only looking out for the best interests of the country as a whole. This helps to show the American people that she is someone incredibly reliable. She is also completely devoted to the issues that she feels strongly about. She has always been dedicated to helping out military families. Since the United States was at war almost her entire first term as first lady, the military was a major issue. By standing behind the military and wanting to help the families, she shows that she is incredibly patriotic and loves her country. She created the Joining Forces campaign to help veterans and their families find jobs once they leave service. Charismatic Leadership Charismatic leadership is defined as leadership by someone who has followers who are deeply convinced and passionately committed. Michelle Obama has exemplified this type of leadership. By emphasizing respect, encouraging others, relating to the common citizen, effectively communicating her points, and dedicating herself completely to her husband and the issues she feels strongly about, the first lady has built a following unlike any first lady before her. People feel so passionate about Michelle Obama and they back her up whenever she needs it. She has formed a deep connection with the people of the U.S. and in doing so, has secured her spot in American history. She's an incredibly influential first lady. She has garnered the trust of everyone who is devoted to her.
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