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Council Workshop July 2011

Short introduction to Council practice - trainings are held in different locations. Go to http://www.councilinschools.org for more information.

Krysten Catanese

on 22 January 2017

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Transcript of Council Workshop July 2011

Introduction to Council
Format for Facilitating a Council
4 Intentions
We are born to hear but we have to learn to listen
Council is a mindful listening and speaking practice that encourages compassionate communication. Based on worldwide practices, council is a structured process that includes being in a circle and passing a "talking piece" in response to a prompt from the facilitator.
1. To listen from the heart: deep listening, practicing the "art of receptivity" - suspending judgement, reaction, and opinion

2. To speak from the heart, speaking from your own truth

3. To speak spontaneously without planning and only when holding the talking piece

4. To "keep it lean" or get to the heart of the matter so everyone has time with the talking piece

For many, the first intention is the most challenging, yet one that is recognized as essential in developing a more peaceful and empathic way of relating to others, beyond "tolerance"
Opening and Dedication: Can begin with a short mindfulness practice to set the tone and serve as a transition.

Prompt Round: a prompt is given, each person is given a chance to hold the talking piece and share their thoughts, feelings, ideas without interruption, everyone else is practicing deep listening.

Witness Round: talking piece is passed around once more as each person says one word or sentence about a theme they heard or witnessed

Closing: this can be a quote, poem, reflection, or a community building game. Finish with emphasizing that "others' stories are not ours to share, please say your name to honor this commitment."
by Krysten Fort Catanese
Mindfulness Trainer and Consultant
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