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Sense and Sensibilty

ENGL 336W: Jane Austen

Lauren Murray

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Sense and Sensibilty

and Jane
Austen's history Marianne's decline and resurrection in comparison to Jesus Christ Literary Ideas " Questions so far? Film Adaptation For Further Discussion... Courtney Monheit, Lo Murray, Hugo Werstler Sense and Sensibility Critical Reviews Jane Austen most likely began writing "Elinor and Marianne" 1795 1809 November
Austen probably began "Sense and Sensibility" The Austen women move to Chawton in Hampshire 1797 Published "Sense and Sensibility" with Thomas Egerton of Whitehall 1810-1811 Review published in
"Critical Review"
in February 1812 Review published in
"British Critic"
in May 1812 "Taste: Gourmets
and Ascetics" Isobel Armstrong (2002) "Sense and Sensibility:
Options Too Common and Too Dangerous" Claudia Johnson (2002) "Ideological Contradictions and the Consolations of Form" Mary Poovey Individualism vs. Paternalism
Christian Principles/Moral Absolutes
Moral Education
Defusing "Hunger of the Imagination" "Sense and Sensibility" (2008) Do you think the failures of the English gentlemen or the failures of female chastity (illicit sexual women) is the problem in the novel, or both? Do you think the Dashwood women are dis-empowered by poverty or empowered by it? How does the the narrative voice effect your opinions about the novel, characters, and scenes?
John Dashwood, page 43
Eliza, page 224
Marianne's illness, page 318 Does the movie emphasize entertainment over being a true adaptation, or vice versa? Why or why not? How are the men in the novel, specifically Colonel Brandon, portrayed as men of sense and sensibility, or weighted one way or the other? "Sense and Sensibility" readied for publication Colonel Brandon as the perfect "fit" for Marianne because he is a man of sensibility Conservatism vs. Progressive Ideology
Austen's Conservative Style
Broken Paradigm of Conservative Ideology
Illicit Sexual Women vs. Failure of English Gentlemen Balancing Ascetics vs. Aesthetics
Intellect and Self Autonomy
Retirement Troupe
Picturesque and Perspective
Individual vs. Social
Society vs. Nature Personal Responses
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