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Humans and the Environment:

No description

Becky Brown

on 26 November 2016

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Transcript of Humans and the Environment:

Humans and the Environment:

Comparing Written and Audio Texts
What details did the audio file emphasize that the article did not? What was the effect on your understanding of the topic?
Urban Landscapes
Natural Landscapes
Annotating the Text
After reading the article:

STEP 1: Annotate the text by:
- Underlining key ideas
- Asking questions of the text in the margins
- Circling unfamiliar terms

STEP 2: Respond to the questions on your annotation and response guide.
A Reciprocal Relationship
Urban Landscapes
Natural Landscapes
Creating a Flowchart
Student Example
A final word...
On a half-sheet of paper, write a sentence that begins with:

"_________'s group flowchart made me think because..."
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