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GLEM GAS Company presentation

No description

Marco Guerzoni

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of GLEM GAS Company presentation

Milestone Identity Production 2014 1959-1990 Founding of the Glem Gas company in Modena 1959 1960 Design and development of new high range models and consequent success on the Italian market Starts the collaboration with Zagzoog family in Saudi Arabia 1960s With the maxi oven cookers Glem Gas becomes market leader in the Gulf area and starts to reach new worldwide markets 1970s The new Admiral model introduces in the market a new style of cooker , a semiprofessional looking 1985 Glem Gas extends its presence in more than 75 countries worldwide 1988 Figures Today products from the group Glem Gas are available in all major international markets through subsidiaries and exclusive distributors . Headquartered in San Cesario sul Panaro (MO) which directly controls the Italian and foreign markets, Glem Gas has branches also in France, Portugal and Australia . Global presence Vision Mission Values Values Identity 1990-2013 New market presence:
foundation of Australian branch and acquisition of Airlux companies operating in France & Portugal 1998-
2000 GlemGas firstly introduce Lean production principles 2006 50th Anniversary of Glem Gas consolidate its leadership on cooking markets achieving the major share on the Italian FS cooker market 2009 A continuous innovation of the cooker structure guarantees always a top level in technology and quality of GlemGas products 1990s 2008

New BI oven assembly & welding line

Enameling plant directly controlled by GlemGas 2001 The 1st version of High Tech model consolidate our presence in the high-end segment of the market 2011 GlemGas reach another important goal receiving the Compasso d'Oro Award, the most prestigious recognition of quality design and production of goods 45th Anniversary of Glem Gas - Z4HA collaboration Today 2000 Welcome to
Saudi Dealers Green plant Thank you 1990 Glem Gas moves to the new plant of 32.000 sqm Please welcome to

Mr Paolo Zampetti
Export manager


Mr Waleed A. Abdrabbu
Z4HA sales & marketing mng Market situation
& 2014 forecast Matrix Unica Please welcome to
Mr Mohamed Zagzoog Please welcome to
Mr Waleed A. Abdrabbu New Unica New Unica New Full flat grids for a great stability in a mat finishing The full flat and levelled shape gives the perfect shape for cooking FULL FLAT INNER DOOR GLASS. Essential design in a brilliant titanium colour. The smooth inner part of the oven door gives not only a clean look, it makes cleaning so much easier NEW TITANIUM ENAMEL is resistant to the attack of acids and maintains its colour over time even after intensive use. The brightness of the titanium enamel gives more room and widthness to your oveN COLD GLASS. The innovative conception of the oven door allows the inner air flow to make the surface temperatures more suitable and the kitchen more pleasant. New Matrix New grids. solid aspect in a elegant design COLD DOOR
Surface temperatures are reduced thanks to an innovative induced tangential cooling system which exhausts hot air from the rear of the cook top. This system, together with a new cooling concept of the ovendoor, drops considerably the surface temperature of the cooker. REMOVA BLE GLASS. Essential design for ease of use. The smooth inner part of the oven door gives not only a clean look it makes cleaning definitely easier. The glass window is easily removable to allow the cleaning of the internal glass NEW MATRIX
There is a refinement in the detail of all the aesthetic elements as tradition of Glem Gas product The door handle offers a confidence feeling to your daily gesture The new knobs and reduced control panel integrate perfectly with the modern home design The 4 cm height of the hob is designed to match perfectly with bench profiles and materials. Multifunction gas oven with fan.
an innovative oven which combines all the features of a multifunction electric oven with those of a gas oven. The traditional cooking of a gas oven, ideal for roasting and baking, combined with fan forced ventilation provides a great heat distribution for single and multi-level cooking. More recipes prepared in less time and with less energy consumption Built in?? The new design of the cast iron grids is intended to maximise space and integrate perfectly with the cooker top High Tech High Tech Full flat st.steel door
screw hinges on the side of the door profiles
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