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Wine Tourism in Piedmont, Italy

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Lillian Platis

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Wine Tourism in Piedmont, Italy

Wine Tourism Piedmont, Italy Erin Gray
Molly Crowder
Rachelle Platis History Piemonte means "the foot of the mountains" (Wine-Searcher.com, 2013)
Region originally inhabited by Celtic tribes then Romans. Romans rebuilt giving streets grid pattern that are still in Turin today (Winecountry.IT, n.d.)
Many centuries of war and invasion after fall of Roman Empire
Savoy occupied Turin 13th century- end WWII/birth Italian Republic (over 500 years) (Winecountry.IT, n.d.)
19th century railraways & infrastructure; Turin became Italy's industrial capital (Trip Advisor, 2013)
One of first Italian regions embrace industrial revolution; 1899 Fiat (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) (Winecountry.IT, n.d.)
Today, picturesque landscape; known as "Tuscany without the tourists" (Lonely Planet, 2009)
Afflent part of Italy; reinventied itself with technology & culture (Trip Advisor, 2013)
Tourism on the rise since 2006 Winter Olympics hosted in Turin; prior to this time, most visitors were from Switzerland and Germany (Lonely Planet, 2009)
Vermouth first created here by Beneddeto Carpano; used in cocktails; produced now by Martini & Rossi (Winecountry.IT, n.d.)
Most wines from the region are produced on family estates (Winecountry.IT, n.d.)
Foodies seek out Piedmont's white truffles, hazlenuts, chocolates and wine vintages, such as Barberesco, Barolo, and sparkling Asti (Lonely Planet, 2009)
City of Bra home to the"Slow Food Movement," Piedmontese base this around savoring simple pleasures in life (About.com, 2013; Lonely Planet, 2009)
Piedmont region has 75,000 hectares of vineyards and produces 7,000,000 quintals of white and black grapes (1 quintal =100 kilograms=220pounds)(Amore Travel Guides, 2013) Facts REFERENCES Piedmont, Italy [Piemonte] Amore Travel Guides. (2013).Map of Italy wine regions--Piedmont wine country facts. In Italy blog. Retrieved form http://www.amoretravelguides.com/blog/
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Wine-Searcher.com. (2013). Piedmont [Piemonte] Wine. In Sub-regions of Piedmont. Retrieved from http://www.wine-searcher.com/regions-piedmont+%5Bpiemonte%5D Easily accessible and popular among German and Swiss travelers

Cultural tourists wishing to understand more of the history of Italy and/or wine making and the stunning scenery (academyofwinebusiness.com)

YET, the most common tourist in the region are "in the know" wine enthusiasts

Typical wine tourists are known for having an interest and passion for wine, socialable, relaxed, higher income earners, mature, educated, and friendly.(academyofwinebusiness.com) The tourists of Piedmont are traveling to seek out special wines in the region and have a deep passion for food and wine especially those seeking the "Slow Food Movement" (lonelyplanet.com) Who Visits Piedmont? Issues in Piedmont Piedmont has family run operations, therefore is small scale production (winecountry.it)
Barolo, Barbaresco, Gattinaras, and Ghemmes all are produced from the Nebbiolo grape making it unique to the region and building Piedmont's reputation (amoretravelguides.com)
People seeking out these wines are "in the know" and are the main source of tourism in the region (lonelyplanet.com)
Veneto and Tuscany are the 2 major competitors in Italy (wine-searcher.com) and on the coast whereas Piedmont is slightly more inland. English is seldom spoken in Piedmont. (travellanghe.com)

Solution: Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism was founded to internationalize the region’s role in wine and agri-tourism by strengthening and bringing together pre-existing local organizations (centroestero.org/turismo) What is keeping Piedmont from becoming an international wine tourism destination? Tourism Promotion through the Piedmonte Agency for Investments, Export, and Tourism: World Heritage Sites - Restoration of 17 Savoy royal residences of Piedmonte
53! Ski Resorts in Piedmonte!
Focus on promotion of the architectural richness of the region
Olympic venues have presented Piedmonte as an ideal location for events, conventions, and incentive travel
(centroestero.org/turismo) Questions?? Northwest Italy The Langhe: Italian for “hills” and is popular for red wines with the suffix d’Alba

The Roero: another hilly area known for its fruits of pears, peaches, apricots and grapes.

The Monforte: hills & plains, Apennine foothills, and famous for truffles and the d’Asti suffix. Types of Wineries The Roero is named after a Medieval-era banking family Mostly family owned wineries Types of Wines 70% red, 30% white DOCG and DOC Labeled 7 DOCG wines: Asti, Barbaresco, Barolo, Brachetto d’Acqui, Gavi, Gattinara and Ghemme and 46 DOC wines. 170,000 acres divided into 3 areas Clay Soil Barolo Novello Chardonnays Red Roero White Roero Arneis Sparkling white Roero Arneis Spumante Red Barbera d’Asti Sparkling Asti Spumante
Moscato d’Asti White Cortese di Gavi Rosé Grignolino Morning Fog Humidity Case Study White Truffles from Alba “Slow Food” cheese and fish from Bra and Genova Wine tastings
Wine tours of cellar and estate
Wine festivals and other events
Wine educations
Vineyard hiking,
Exploring the villages Wine Tourism Skiing in the Alps Other tourist attractions: Golfing many small parcels of land (Winecountry.IT, n.d.) (Winecountry.IT, n.d.) Brian, K. (2013). Brian, K. (2013). Alexander, R. (2013) Airports Milano
Genova Within 2 hours of main wine cities: Asti and Alba Hospitality: 5 star hotels to a farm B&B (Winecountry.IT, n.d.) Brian, K. (2013). Brian, K. (2013). Wines with DOCG on the label mean: they are guaranteed products of the Italian region where they were grown and made (denominazione di origine controllata e garantita) (Winecountry.IT, n.d.) Wines with DOC on the label mean: similar to DOCG, except Italian wine authorities feel they veer from a more traditional path in terms of growing, tending, fermenting, overall style, etc. (Winecountry.IT, n.d.) Highest Mountains Rolling Hills bordering Switzerland and France Main Ag Products: rice, wine, maize, potatoes and the white truffle. Largest River: The Po River 8 Provinces Museums Laurie, E. (2007) Lakes Laurie, E. (2007) Best time to go: Fall ~70 Degrees Sept-Nov Lee, M. (2006) Tourism Months September mid 70s
Oct.-Nov cooler... time for wines and truffle harvesting! Lee, M. (2006)
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