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No description

Jade Bright

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The UNWANTEDS

The conflict was person v.s self, person v.s person and person v.s society.
Alex was in person v.s self conflict when he decided if he wanted to save is brother or not.
Alex and his friends sometimes got into fights witch would be the person v.s person.
The person v.s society conflict happens when a battle starts against Quill and Artime.
The Unwanteds
By: Lisa McMann

"The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter"
-Kirkus Reveiws
Alex: An Unwanted with artistic skills,Aaron's Brother
Meghan: An Unwanted with musical skills
Lani: An Unwanted with literary skills
Samheed: An Unwanted with acting skills
Mr.Today: Ruler of Artime
Aaron: A very talented Wanted
About the Author
Lisa Mcmann was born in Holand, Michigan on February 27, 1968, ahe is 45 years old. She knew she wanted to be a writer since fourth grade. She moved to Arizona in 2004 with her husband. She has two older brothers and a younger sister. She likes to cook, swim, read and hang out with her husband and children. She also like watching reality T.V shows, even the sappy one that make her cry. She has writen a total of 13 books. One of my favorites is Cryers Cross.
The UNWANTEDS By: Jade Bright
Side Characters
Ms.Octavia: Octogator art teacher
Ms.Morning: Music Teacher
Simber: The stone cheetah statue outside of the mansion
Florence: The stone archer satue outside of the mansion
Will Blair: A mean guy who Samheed hangs out with sometimes
High Preistist Justine: Ruler of Quill
Every year in Quill,thirteen-year-olds are sorted into categories: the strong intelligent Wanteds go to the Wanted University, and the artistic Unwanteds are sent to their graves.
On the day of the Purge, identical twins Alex and Aaron Stowe await their fate. While Aaron is hopeful of becoming a Wanted, Alex knows his chances are slim. He's been caught drawing with a stick in the dirt, and in the stark gray land of Quill, being creative is a death sentence.
But when Alex and the other Unwanteds face the Eliminators, they discover an eccentric magician named Mr. Today and his hidden world that exists to save the condemned children. Artime is a colorful place of talking statues, uncommon creatures, and artistic magic, where creativity is considered a gift...and a weapon.
Main Characters
Points: 11.0
Pages: 390
Book Level: 5.7

Character Conflict
New Words
Sullen: showing irritation or ill humor by a gloomy silence or reserve.
Leisure: freedom from the demands of work or duty
Quizzical: odd, queer, or comical.
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