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Special Occasion Speeches

No description

Kelly Garcia-Paine

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Special Occasion Speeches

Speech of Acceptance
express gratitude for being honored by the award
Speeches of introduction
Used to prepare audience for the speaker by heightening audience interest, building main speakers credibility.
Special Occasion Speeches
Speeches of Presentation
Convey the meaning of the award and the why the recipient is receiving it.
Prepare (Impromptu looking speeches are usually very practiced)
Highlight traits or qualities about the person being honored
Be Positive, even if you are being humorous or poking fun
Be brief
Speeches that entertain, inspire, celebrate, commemorate, or set social agenda
Describe speakers background and qualifications
Preview speakers topic
Ask audience to welcome the speaker
1-2 minutes max
Prepare in advance
Express what the award means to you genuinely and with humility
Thank the person/Organization who gave you the award
Express gratitude
Name the award and explain the meaning of the award
Explain why recipient is getting it
Plan for actual physical presentation of object
celebrating or commemorating the life of a close friend or family member
Speech if Inspiration
positively motivate you audience to think about, take action through emotional connection
Note the occasion and significance of the (office, position, seat) to be filled.
Explain why the nominees should be given the position.
Note their: skills, traits, talents, or achievements = qualifications
Actual nomination comes at the end of the speech
Address each family member by first name
Remember the person through their unique achievements and qualities. Be realistic/ positive
Specificity is crucial.
Express a sense of loss
Balance delivery/emotions –you are a leader in the healing process
These are largely dictated by the occasion.
Form follows tradition

pays tribute to a person or event
formal step in the process of selecting a candidate for an office, position, or title
Appeal to audience emotions
Use real life stories
Be dynamic- use an energetic style
Make your goal clear-don't be vague, give your audience a solid idea to take away
Use a dramatic or emotive ending
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