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Which Bridge Design Supports the Most Weight?

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Milena Sousa

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Which Bridge Design Supports the Most Weight?

1. Gather the materials needed
2. Assemble 6 bridges (3 cable-stayed and 3 suspension)
3. Pick one of the bridges to test first
4. Take the chosen bridge and begin to put the weights on it one at a time
5. Keep adding weights until the bridge breaks
6. Record how much weight the bridge held
7. Test the other bridges and record how much weight they hold
8. Take observations and record data
9. Answer the question
20 weights (didn't use all)
2 packs of yarn
2 150 packs of popsicle sticks
1 150 pack of mini popsicle sticks
1 bottle of glue
1 hot glue gun
1 roll of tape
Hypothesis and Variables
- type of bridge
- how much weight it can hold
- the weights used and the materials used to build the bridges

I test how much weight a cable-stayed bridge and a suspension bridge can hold,
the cable-stayed bridge will hold the most weight.

The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether suspension bridges or cable -stayed bridges would support the most weight.
The results of the experiment showed that the cable-stayed bridges held the most weight. The first cable-stayed bridge help 15 pounds, the second held 10 pounds, and the third held 12 pounds which is an average of 12.3 pounds. The suspension bridges held 10 pounds, 7 pounds, and 13 pounds with an average of 10.3 pounds. The results of my experiment prove that my hypothesis was correct.
Jacob's Creek Bridge was the first iron-chain suspension bridge built in the United States.
Cable-stayed bridges may look similar to suspension bridges, but the two bridges support the load of the roadway in very different ways. The difference is how the cables are connected to the towers.
There are 4 different types of Cable-stayed bridges:
- the cables are nearly parallel so that the height of their attachment to the tower is proportional to the distance from the tower to their mounting on the deck
- the cables all connect to or passover the top of the towers
- similar to fan ad harp but only consists of one cable
- the cables are distributed as much as possible along the main girder
The Jiashao Bridge is the world's longest and widest cable-stayed bridge. From end to end it stretches 10,138 m and extends across the Hangzhou Bay, in Shaoxing, China.The main body of the bridge is 2,680 m long
No one knows who the original inventor of the cable-
stayed bridge is, but they date back to 1595,
where designs were found in
Machinae Novae,
a book by an inventor named Fausto Veranzio.

Which Bridge Design Supports the Most Weight?
Engineering Project
By: Milena Sousa


"Cable-stayed bridge." Wikipedia. Nov 27. Nov 28 <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable-stayed_bridge>

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Troitsky, M.S.
Cable-Stayed Bridges: An Approach To Modern Bridge Desgin
. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company Inc.,1988.
Log Book
Bridge #1- first cable-stayed bridge held a total of 15 pounds before collapsing
Bridge #2- second cable-stayed bridge held 10 pounds
Bridge #3- third cable-stayed bridge held 12, more than last time
Bridge #4- first suspension bridge held 10
Bridge #5- second suspension bridge held 7
pounds, lowest amount of pounds held
Bridge #6- last suspension bridge held
13 pounds
Examples of Types of Cable-stayed bridges
A picture of the Jiashao Bridge
Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge was a suspension bridge?
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