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The Simpsons

No description

Yu HiM

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The Simpsons

Language sword sara Wong, jacqueline Soo
matthew Wong, key Fu The simpsons are going to brazil -Background
-Technical issue DUBBING subtitling Contents dubbed by: major appearances Homer:
Matthew Marge:
Jacqueline Liza:
Sara Bart:
Key Subtitling - handling written translation
written Chinese
easy to read
Dubbing - handling verbal translation
colloquial Cantonese for major practice
target audience - Hong Kong people, mainly teenagers
-> use of local expressions
-> localization background American comedy
use of local expressions
"parody" -> ironic foreign
languages/accents Bart
Flight captains
Waiter Bart (29) ST Language: Spanish
TT Language: Cantonese with Spanish accent flight captain (34-36,38) ST: English with Portuguese accent
TT: Cantonese with foreign accent waiter (84, 86) Bert and Ernie? (66) Happy Tree Friends? an extremely violent cartoon with a cute name
almost every episode featuring blood, pain, and gruesome deaths a "GAY" couple in Sesame Street word play, pun RIO DAYS-INN-ERO(51) ST: Portuguese
TT: Mandarin with foreign accent METHOD employed: pun on Rio de Janeiro
(capital of Brazil)
play with Days Inn(motel chain in US) make a new pun in Cantonese provoke laughter by replacing by the name of a famous hourly hotel in Hong Kong TA Background:
Chinese people(Cantonese speaking)
Dubbing Aims:
1. To serve a communication purpose
2. To keep the fun Reason:
Most Westerners assume
Chinese people = Mandarin-speaking people Reason: Westerners trying to communicate with passengers
(including the Simpsons) *the Simpsons speak Cantonese here Reason:
Most HKers do not know ANY Spanish (unlike westerners)
HKers often find foul language in cinemas hilarious 3 languages Spanish --> Spanish Cantonese
Portuguese English --> Western Cantonese
Portuguese --> Mandarin 1. Comprehensiveness
2. Preservation of funniness
3.Distinguishing between identities CHURRASCARIAS(71) Dubbed in 3 ways for: -pun on the
country name(Brazil) -A Portuguese word
-Brazilian barbeque
-Use the
abbreviation to
get the pun -Moon shot(65) Localization -The expression is similar to what we
say in football--a power shot
-Implies sexual meaning -Par on the Corpse(61) -par is a jargon used in golf
-corpse refers to dead body
-Direct translation is not preferred
-borrow the name of a tv game show -to let audience associate them
with popular culture
-echo Reasons: Crooks chase cops, cats have puppies (20) Replacement --> a famous line in All's Well, End's Well --> provoke laughter I'm Chiquita Banana and I'm here to say.I will eat this Toblerone and I will not pay. (69,70)

(Spinster City Apartments) (39) sound --> a popular word in
hong kong
for Leftover ladies
e.g. Bride Wannabes
of TVB Denition:
a woman still unmarried beyond the usual age of marrying Take me to the hotel, my hands are on a guy's ass, boy, this dude must work out (49,50) diaper suit case made with:
key scratching Matthew's crutch made with:
paper box falling on the floor made with:
rubbing clothes Target Audience:
HK people (mainly teenagers) -->exaggerate the "opposite" Have some meat on a sword (72) sword= Skewers of Brazilian BBQ method applied:
a free translation with localication use a Chinese idioms to match the context
-->meat vs vegetarian
-->cheer up sad Liza
use a pun word : 1)appetite
2)meat Technical issue -Problem a rather free translation
no similar content in other popular cartoon
match the context (too explicit) method used:
free translation Audacity
-hard to trim a short sound track
-have to manually move to a right position -Credits -iMovie for cutting the clip
and typing subtitles
-GarageBand for combining both
the clip and the sound track -Presentation Prezi vs. Powerpoint
-more freely
-seems intereseting and fresh
-provide another option other than Powerpoint SONGs METHODS:
1. Maintain everything with a word-for-word translation
--> cannot provoke laughter

2. Adopting local Cantonese songs
--> produce humorous effect but no relation to ST

3. Modification to local Cantonese songs
Take the major meaning in ST into target culture
Shows meaning similar to ST (faithfulness)
TT: provoke laughter
One stone kills two birds subtitles for non-verbal terms Español para dummies (24) literally: Spanish for dummies
word play: highly regarded reference series preserve the key words - Hotel, Strong ass
use of Cantonese song well-known by adults
Homer -> knows old song
Hollywood -> Rio (suit the context) audience cannot get the humor if they are not translated
the content is incomplete
localization preserve the key words - Banana, Chocolate
use of local songs well-known by all generations
Bart-Youth, Homer-Adult, both know the song 多事喇。
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