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No description

Gabrielle Greig

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Skype

Product Situation
Core Product: Video Chatting
Competitive Matrix


Supporting Services
International phone calls
Group calls
Call mobile & landline
Skype to Skype calls
Text messages (SMS)
Voice messages
Send contacts
Video calls (group/1v1)
Video messages
Skype wifi
Group screen sharing
File sharing
Video chat on mobile but only to Apple products

Cannot send pics

Cannot send text messages

Cannot share screen in real time

Group video chat

Free voice calls

Instant messaging

Watch together

Group & 1on1 chat

Group & 1on1 video chat

Group & 1on1 voice calls

Share pictures & videos
Google Hangout
Ease of use
Ease of access
Available on several operating systems
Available on mobile devices
Online growth
Owned by Microsoft
Offered on many Microsoft products
Low priced packages
Does not attract paid subscribers
Need Skype specific account
Requires internet
Particular requirements of bandwidth/hardware
Hacking issues
Few premium users
Malicious links
3rd party calls
Growth in next generation peer 2 peer tech
Growth of online education creates a need
Businesses are leaning towards online comm.
Gaming audience/growing need for online comm.
Advances in technology

New devices on the market
Similar services
Competition from Apple
Phone companies offering international calls
Ever changing technologies
Easily available substitutes
Price wars
Other free services
To grow and expand the company

Become the top company in the market

Develop Business & Educational packages to be the top service used in corporate world & schools

Introduce entertainment platform on the web
Value Proposition
When you use Skype instead of Oovoo, Facetime, or Google Hangout, you get many one of a kind, easy to use features at a low price because we provide top of the line services not just a video chatting platform.
Existing Products/Existing Markets

Existing Products/New Markets

New Products/Existing Markets
Skype Education programs
Skype Business programs
Virtual classroom
Skype wifi
New Products/New Markets



Skype moves to the web!
Skype Entertainment is a central hub for social interactions and entertainment.

Our new web platform brings you three hubs comprised of brand new services.
Stream Zone
Allows users to stream video content to extensive audiences. Each stream allows users to chat in real time with the host of the stream and all other viewers simultaneously.
DJ Zone
Allows users to host their own DJ rooms where they broadcast music generated from play lists that they have created. Allows any user within each specific room to interact with each other and the site by thumbing up or down the song.
Speak Zone
This zone is specifically geared towards online gamers and gives users the opportunity to create channels in which they can speak with the people they are playing with. Pre made rooms will be dedicated to certain online games. The opportunity to create personal channels will be given to premium members.
Our Consumer
- cyber-saavy and spends alot of time on the internet
-rank high for households that download video and audio content from the Internet
-they also go online to play games, check out job sites, and chat with their friends
-have middle to upper class incomes; can afford means of communication & digital media
-rural, suburban, urban, metro
- High school/ college educated
- Craves entertainment and connection
Positioning Statement
To: Families, Gen-X, Millenials, Skype Entertainment is the only Video conferencing service that provides multiple media communication online unlike ooVoo, Facetime and Google Hangout.

NAIC: 517110
Wired Telecommunications Carrier is currently in growth mode.
Gabrielle Greig
JodiAnne Maxwell
Merrica Modeste

Skype's business mission
is to "be the fabric of real time
communication on the web."
Target Markets

72% on social media

age 18-29 make up 89%

more use in urban & suburban than rural areas
Target Segment
Millenials/Gen Z
Male & Female
Target Segment
Millenials/Gen Z
Male & Female
Average age of online video viewers: 18-34

>6 billion hours are watched per month

>4 billion videos are viewed per day
Online Gaming Statistics
72% of Americans play online games (grew from 67%)

54% men 46% women

62% play with people online

32% >18 32% >18-35 36% >36+

Target Segment
Millenials/Gen Z
Online Advertisement
-Youtube, Facebook
Mail- Direct email, Skype users
Make Messages
"For every 3 people you forward this to get you a free 4 week trial on skyeent.com"
We will charge $9.99 per month for the premium package, which comes with more features.
The price was determined by looking at the competitors. We do not have our customers buy membership
Direct Marketing Channel
Company website
Advertising on websites (ex. Youtube)
Mobile/Social Media
Channels of Distribution
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