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Scalable Machine Learning with Apache Mahout

Seattle Hadoop Day Advanced Track presentation on doing distributed machine learning on Hadoop with Mahout

Jake Mannix

on 2 October 2010

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Transcript of Scalable Machine Learning with Apache Mahout

Scalable Machine Learning

Linear, or near linear scaling:
Double the data, should take
twice the time. Collaborative Filtering Clustering Dimensional Reduction Frequent Pattern Mining Classification Note: mention of "cluster size" implies that the algorithm is parallelizable.
This is very helpful, but neither necessary nor sufficient to imply "scalable". Clustering Math or: doubling the cluster
size should halve the time Text Utilities Math Random Forests Perceptron / Winnow (Complementary) Naive Bayes Dirichlet Process KMeans / Fuzzy KMeans Canopy Mean-Shift Recommenders: User
SVD Online/Offline
Taste Web App: SingularValueDecomposition Latent Dirichlet Allocation Lucene Text to Vectors Collocations Examples: Wikipedia
(nGrams / frequent phrases) (index as input) COLT Primitive Collections Distributed Matrices Online Stats Log-Likelihood Jake Mannix
Unemployed Layabout (work done while Principal Search Engineer at LinkedIn)
(starting Monday @twitter) jake.mannix@gmail.com @pbrane /in/jakemannix Resources:
Mahout in Action (Manning EAP)
Sean Owen, Robin Anil, Ted Dunning, and Ellen Friedman Powered By Powered By Here are a few
companies powered by Mahout
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