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the manufacturing process of ZARA clothes

No description

Lisa Oehlschlegel

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of the manufacturing process of ZARA clothes

general information
- Zara was founded in Spain 1975
- the founder is Amancio Ortega
- Zara has 2169 stores
- produces around 450 million items a year
- parent company: inditex
- Zara needs only one week to design a new product
the cube
- heart of the company is the automated distribution center in La Coruna
- it has 3 different halls -> for man, woman and childrens
-463500 square meters with 11 fabrics
- all raw materials and finished goods pass through
the manufacturing process of Zara clothes
- Zara has 200 designers
- 3000 people working in manufacturing operations in Spain for 8 euro per hour
- it is network of 92000 employees
- delivery by truck or plain
- can deliver items to the stores
in a few days -> Europe 24 hours,
united states 48 hours, japan 73 hours
- they ship new products twice a week
- 50 % of all items are manufactures in Spain
- 26 % of all items are manufactures in the rest of Europe
- 24 % of all items are manufactures in Asia and Africa ( especially basic clothes)
- factories in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Galicia
- 2011 Zara changed to a fully
toxic-free production after a
dialog with Greenpeace
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