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FACS + The iPad=Endless Possibilities!

There are many ways to use the iPad in the FACS classroomto enhance learning. I want to explore and share the possiblities with you!

Chelsie Williams

on 10 August 2011

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Transcript of FACS + The iPad=Endless Possibilities!

Family and Consumer Sciences App FACS focuses on the needs of students. It helps students learn life skills they can use everyday. As teachers we prepare students for their futures in hopes that go on to better and brighter things. As FACS teachers we prepare students for their futures, as well as how to better enrich their lives right now. FACS+ The iPad=Endless Possibilities! Families/Life Nutrition Cooking Fashion Sewing Consumerism How could an iPad help students learn in the FACS room? Answer=There is an App for everything! Cooking: Apps that give recipes, create menus, make shopping lists, and lead you through step by step instructions! Sewing:There are apps that show you give you patterns to browse through. Students could also watching videos on sewing and the steps involved. Nutrition:There are all sorts of apps that allow people to check the nutritional content of different foods. There are even apps that show the nutritional values of meals at a restaurant. This would allow students to see the nutritional content of what they are eating regularly, and also the nutritional value of the foods we make in class! Fashion: There is an app that allows you to design clothing and create outfits. We can also search popular trends. Family: There are many games, such as The Game of Life, students can play as a class to study families. They can also search family oriented activities to do with their families. Consumerism: Consumerism is an important issue we as Americans need to be informed about. Students needs to learn how supply and demand works and how to get the most for their money. There are many apps that have coupons and show the best places to shop and save!Students can also watch videos on the iPad about debt and the how it applies to thier lives. I feel like having a classroom that is up to date with technology and promotes hands on activities allows students creativity to come alive. Having an iPad would allow students to learn how to use it on a day to day basis, as well as creatively in doing projects! FACS is all about our individual lives and ways to improve ourselves and prepare for the future. With the iPad I could teach students about how technology can better improve our lives, and use creative teaching tools to help keep them engaged. There really are endless possibilities when you combine FACS and the iPad!
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