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Research Orientation

No description

Ivan Brian Inductivo

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Research Orientation

Priority Areas
Research Design
Orientation On
Mr. Ivan Brian L. Inductivo
Research Coordinator
Research, Publications and Innovation Center
Name of Reference #1
Digital Libraries
Other Libraries
Middle French
Priority Areas
1. Counseling in the Philippines-Filipino Approaches
2. Motivation and Learning
3. Evaluation, impact, effectiveness and effects of K-12 to the academic performances and milieu
4. Bullying and other common behavior problems; its effects to students’ personality and self-esteem
5. Cognitive, Behavioral, Developmental, and Psychological systems, modelling, learning and concepts

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication

1. Social Media
2. Media Trends
3. News Reporting and Professionalism
4. Public Relations
5. Advertising and Market competition
6. Digital Communication
7. Developmental Media
8. Media Literacy
9. Communication Campaigns
10. Organization Communication
11. Broadcasting and Journalism
12. Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)
13. Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Communication
14. Dynamics of community, neighbourhood, team, and political communication
15. Film
16. Communication in feature documentary, experimental, short and independent films
17. Communication Management
18. New Media
19. Communication Education
20. Family, Health and Education Communication
21. Concepts and implications of Communication Laws, Policies and Media Ethics
22. Electronic Gadgets and Technical Communication
23. Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Human-robot Communication
24. Influences of Pornography, Sexual Explicit Online/Print/Audio Materials and Underground Publications
25. Ethnic, Religious, Gay-Lesbian Subculture and Emerging Communication Perspectives
26. Women-Children Advocacies, Community Environmental Conservation, and Animal Welfare/Protection
27. Communication in Electronics Arts, Fine Arts and the Performing Arts
28. Assessment and Evaluation of Publications and Productivity of Communication Research Scholars
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts

1. Animation
2. Communication and Information Technology
3. Computer Graphics and Illustration
4. Creative Advertising
5. Digital Arts
6. Digital Art Appreciation
7. Digital Communication
8. Digital Photography
9. Digital Video and Sound Production
10. Film in New Media
11. Interactive Media
12. Interactive Gaming
13. Media Literacy
14. Traditional Arts
15. Web Design and Development

So, What Design?
“to go about seeking”
Magic 10
Final 100
“Google is not a synonym for 'research'.”
― Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol
Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service

1. Comparative Politics
2. Foreign Policy, such as bilateral issues, and global and regional strategies
3. Good Governance
4. International Law and Organizations
5. International Political Economy
6. International Relations, Cooperation and Diplomacy
7. Public Administration and Policymaking
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