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The Last Holiday Concert

No description

Jill Clark

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of The Last Holiday Concert

Mr. Meinert
Sarah Evans
Sarah is Hart's little sister. All her life teachers have only seen her as Hart's sister. She knows the true Hart and doesn't understand why Hart won't embrace it.
Hart Evans
Hart is a student at Palmer Intermediate.
Mr. Meinert decides that for the Christmas concert the kids are on their own. The first thing they do is elect a leader by vote. Once the votes are in Hart is elected leader. The problem is that kids want to do stuff other than sing, like a magic show or a ballet. Another problem is that they want songs that don't go with their theme: WinterHope, like rock'n roll and hip hop. Hart has to find a way to make everyone happy.
Hart finds a way to make everyone happy. The magic show goes on during intermission, and they do the ballet during songs. As for the songs, Hart convinced everyone to stick with Christmas songs. After everything was decided the concert went really smoothly.
Main Characters
Hart Evans Mr.Meinert
The Last Holiday Concert
By Sarah Stone
Hard Working
At his old school he was popular, and still is.
Only his sister knows the real him. The one
that has a bench in the back of his closet just for drilling
holes in whatever he can find. Acorn,pieces
of wood, and so much more. The Hart
that has been hiding inside of him
for years.
Mr. Meinert is the music teacher at Palmer. He is going through tough times. Palmer is firing him, but not really. What's going on is that Palmer is getting rid of the music program due to budget cost. Thus him having to leave Palmer.
Conflict/ Solution
In the end Mr. Meinert leaves Palmer, but he leaves knowing that he didn't leave without making a diffrence in Hart's life.So much of a diffrence that Hart's life that he starts acting more like himself.
In my opinon, the moral to this story is: Don't change yourself just to fit in or be popular. Be yourself.
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