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Icing on the Cake!

No description

Danyan Collins

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Icing on the Cake!

some systems are a dime a dozen
the sprinkles?
So, what helps set MMH apart from the rest?
the frosting?
the fluff?
MMH believes that service excellence
and clinical quality create the region's best
experience for patients and their families,
physicians, the community, and employees.

With the intent to help reach these goals, the hospital offers Exploring Leadership training to aspiring leaders in hopes to help provide the best patient experience available.
Over the past eight months, as students of the 2013 Exploring Leadership class, we have learned many different aspects of hospital management. These topics range from governing style, budgeting and scheduling vs. staffing.
Leadership Potential Indicator
Developing the Vision
Sharing the Goals
Gaining Support
Delivering Success
Increase understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader.
The test will give an idea of your current leadership level, style, and competencies.
It will help to improve your ability to be a more creative and effective leader.
Just as this is a base for every leader,
this batter is the base for every cupcake.
Through these classes, we recognize how the individual
lessons are all interrelated. Each month we were presented
with 'building blocks' that, as a whole, become what encompasses
a Better Leader.

There are three topics that stand out as the most important
and most

1. Leadership Potential Indicator (LPI)
2. Leadership vs. Management
3. Talent-Based Hospital

Leadership vs. Management
Differences in Leading & Managing
Does one have to be a manager to be a good leader?
Staff remember the leadership qualities more than manager qualities
Why is leadership important to an organization?
Why is management important to an organization?
Every leader has different styles of leading and managing.
That is what makes a person an individual
Understanding what makes a good leader vs. a good manager and adding that to your LPI, is just like adding frosting to your cupcake.
A little more sweet!!!
Talent Based Hospital
(T + F) x I = G
Talent-Plus testing
Natural ability and cultivation
Excellence requires talent
Promotions based on talent

By adding the (t+f) x i = g equation as a final step in employee management, helps trained leaders and managers be more equipped with the tools they need to excel in their department. This becomes a final step in creating a more perfect union.
Just like these strawberries become a final perfect topping to a cupcake!!
In closing, Exploring Leadership 2013
has taught each of us where to begin our
leadership/manager journey. We've learned
the current state of our abilities and received
guidance on how to further our knowledge and growth.

We've learned tools to be better
leaders and managers. The differences
and similarities between the two. And how to use
these tools to be more effective.
We've learned that people have natural talents. With the use of the Talent-Plus testing, we have the ability to be more aware of staff talent. This will be beneficial when selecting staff for positions and duties.
MMH separates itself from its competitors by investing time and resources back into its workforce.
The Icing on the Cake
The End!!
created by:
Carrie Morris
Jennifer Meek
Danyan Collins
{(Talent + Fit) x Investment = Growth}
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