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No description

Andrea Capdevielle

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Amadeus

Why does the play need an extra scene?
Andrea Capdevielle
A bit about the play...
Why another scene?
Act 1 Scene 2
Act 1 scene 12
Evolution of Mozart
Act 2, the end of scene 2.
Mozart has just lost everything.
Thank you for listening
1. Info about the play
2. Analysis on soliloquies and Mozart
3. Soliloquy performed
4. Conclusion
- Written by Peter Shaffer
- First performed in 1979
- 'Mozart and Salieri' written in 1830 by Alexander Pushkin
- Flow of the play

- Salieri has all of them
- Dramatic device
- Connect with his characters
- Sets the tone
- Introduction
- Information
- Calm
- Slips into his own language
Grazie' I called back. 'I am your servant for life!'
- Really important
- Breakdown of Salieri
- Uses audience as his 'Diary'
"It was all gone - slipping - growing - rotten - because of him"
- Use of 'You' - "
You gave me... You gave me... You put... You are the Enemy!
- Stage directions
- Carefree: "

- More like a 'person': "
Do you know what you've done?!... You've shamed me
" Act 1, scene 10

- Desperate: "
A figure comes to me cloaked in grey - doing this
- Keeps tension up
- More sympathy
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