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Otzi the Ice Man

No description

Emily Barrett

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Otzi the Ice Man

What do we Know?
Age- He was between 25-40 when he died
Died about 5,300 years ago
Gender- Otzi was male
Cause of Death- Shot in the back with stone
Physical Features
About 5'2"
He had about 50 tattoos
Had an under bite
Wide forehead
short upper lip
humped nose
Prominent Chin
wore earrings
weighed about 110 lbs when alive
weighed about 26 lbs when dead
had brown eyes
Archaeologists- studies prehistoric people by looking at
the artifacts, monuments, and inscriptions.
Radiologists- studies x-rays and nuclear radiation
especially for medical use.
Pathologists- studies the origin, nature, and course of
Botanists- someone who specializes in Botany
(or plants).
Anthropologist- someone who specialize in Anthropology
or the study of humans.
Otzi the Ice Man
Where was he found?
Found September 19, 1991
By Erika and Helmut Simon
Found 10,500 ft above sea level
Near the border of Italy and Austria
Finail Peak in the Otzal Alps
He was found with 400 more artifacts including:
Dagger made of stone
Ax with copper blade from 2,000 BC
Fur cap
Bow pieces and quiver with 12 arrows
Coat made of deer and ibex fur
The sole from his shoe
A "fanny pack"
Backpack frame
Iceman`s clothing
Copper was very rare and valued to them.
They were at the end of the Stone Age
They were very resourceful
Closest relatives are in Sardinia
They were a very well fed people
Used deer and ibex for many different things
Ice Man
Facts on Life and Death
His brain shrunk to 1/3 of its normal size
He wore size 6 shoes
found with a "sloe" berry
Might have been a Shepard
Died on hi left side (ear was folded)
He was brown and leathery when found
Killed from arrow
Bleed quickly to death
Lived 3,000 years before gunpowder or paper
Sloe Berry
Stone arrow
Size 6
3D X-Rays
CT scans
Precise operation
Has to be kept in a 22 degrees Fahrenheit
10 Questions
Rare Copper Ax
CT Scans
Experts: 2



Did he have a family at home?
What was he going to hunt with the bow and arrows?
How did he have the copper ax?
Was he really a Shepard?
If he was...What happened to his flock?
Was it traditional to have tattoos and piercings?
Who exactly killed him?
When in the year did he die?
Where was the arrow shaft when they found it?
What did his group think when he died?
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