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Everything about guitars

Jacob Appleseed

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Guitars

Guitar Guitars are some of the oldest instruments around, dating back to Renaissance Italy. Variations of the guitar have been around for centuries before Pablo Picasso drew several paintings of guitars including this famous one. In the 1950's however, when rock became popular with Johnny Cash and Elvis, the crowds had to be silent in order to hear the guitars. Everyone knows a silent concert is a boring concert... Thus the birth of the electric guitar One of the first guitar companies was Gibson. Gibsons are still extremely sought after today, and since they are all pretty much made custom, they are extremely expensive Fender soon followed Guitars from these two brands from the 1950's can go way over 100,000 dollars today As music evolved, so have the guitars... Fender started today's main guitar As other people saw this success, they began to create their own companies. Many other electric guitar companies followed Such as this company
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