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Identifying Minerals Lab

No description

Misty Mitchell

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Identifying Minerals Lab

Identifying Minerals Lab
Lab Jobs -
Primary Investigator
- You will need to keep your group on task and direct the internet research.

Safety Inspector/Timer
- Gather goggles for group

Materials Manager
- Gather the supplies.

Recorder Reporter
- You will need to open an Excel file an record the group's observations. Look below to see how.
The purpose of this lab is to identify unknown minerals.
Step 1 - Color
Step 2 - Luster
Record the color of each sample. Be specific!
Record the luster of each mineral. Use google to look up lusters for comparison.
Step 3 - Streak
Test & record the streak of each mineral.
Step 4 -
Cleavage & Fracture
Look closely at your mineral sample & determine if it has cleavage or fracture. Record your observations.
Step 5 -
Using the links on Mrs. Mitchell's website, try and identify your unknown minerals. When your group comes to a conclusion, show the teacher.
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