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Glamour Magazine Marketing Analysis

No description

Alexandra Garcia

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Glamour Magazine Marketing Analysis

Alexandra and Danielle Garcia April 2013 H istory lamour Segmentation One product,
Multiple Segments Geographic Characteristics Demographic Characteristics Psychographic Characteristics Geographic Characteristics Glamour operates in 14 different countries.
This is a separate market
Glamour must adapt to each different country in terms of fashion, beauty, celebrity and lifestyle Demographic Characteristics Young Woman Market Older woman Market 18-25
Job Seeking
Education Building
Not married
Into social media
Relationships/Love Establishment 26-49
Likely Married
Worried about money
Time poor
Steady Income
Interested in renown celebrities 1939 First Issue
Began in the United States
"Glamour of Hollywood"
Published by Condè Nast Publications Features Celebrities Health Beauty Love/Sex Fashion Psychology Quick Facts Editor In Chief: Cindi Leive Psychographic Characteristics Based on Behavior and Lifestyle
Hopes ,Fears, Habits
Life stage
Loyalty 1968: 1st African American Cover,Katiti Kironde International Readership: 12.1 Million
Unique Visitors: 6.9 Million Retail Stores
App store Customers Print 11,107,000 Audience
95% Female 5% Male
8,562,000 from 18-49
67% Employed
67% Educated
Advertisers Web 4.5 Million Average Monthly Views
73% Female 27% Male
49% Married 51% Not Married
Advertisers Customer Relationships G Long Term and "sticky"
Virtual Relationship
Social Media Relationship
Mobile Relationship B randing Strategy Value Proposition Relatable Content
Lifestyle Magazine
Geographically Available Perceived Value Customer Feelings
Realistic Consistency Channels Monthly Magazines
Active Presence on Social Media
Repeated Advertisers
Glamour of the Year Awards Engagement/Relevance Glamour Poll
Subscriber Photos
Q&A's Digital Position Key Partners Activities Resources Conde Nast
Advertisers Production and Sales
Global Sourcing
Updates and Maintenance
Management Platforms
Website hosts
Interns Credibility Cost Structure & Revenue Stream Advertisers
100% Guarantee Typical Costs
Acquisition of Competitors
Generating Content
Production Fees Advertisers
168,990 per 2 page insert
Single Copy and Subscriptions
In-app sales
Google+ Glamour Model Demand Generation Advertising Segment Advertising Segment Beauty Advertisers
ex. Revlon, Lancome, Fragrances
Fashion Advertisers
ex. Banana Republic, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren
Womanly Product Advertisers
Venus, Nuva Ring, Playtex Email Campaigns/Social Media Postcards, Subscription Web Link,
Discounts, 100% Guarantee Subscription Rate, Single Copy Sales,
Page Views, Unique Visitors,
Digital Edition Downloads Social Media Followers,
Repeated Subscriptions GlamSpotters, Reviews,
Shares, Referrals,
Comments Awareness Consideration Conversion Loyalty Advocacy Recommendations Crowdsourcing: Expanding GlamSpotters

Increase Engagement by Incorporating Advocacy Reward Program

Increase Awareness by Brand Extension into Restaurants, Clubs, Cafes Glamour.com 144 May 2013 Questions on next page
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