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Build Central!!!!!!!!!!

No description

Niambi Klugh

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Build Central!!!!!!!!!!

Traction and Validation
The market would definitely want our app since it is unique and simple. Our competition is either centered towards older professionals or doesn't have a way for you to see if others would invest in your ideas. Also, they don't allow you to design on the go. Our app is a mobile app so we should have many takers
Our main concept is to inspire anyone to become an inventor by creating a way for them to build unique items for their own professional or personal use.. We want to spark the creativity in YOU and help you find ways to aid your community.
Why Us??
Three words- Money, time, resources
Basic things that every business needs to grow.
What do we need to grow?
Designed. By. You.
(because we're awesome)
Some of our sponsors...
The younger crowd has so many ideas...brilliant ideas but have no way to share them. If they do share, who would listen in this big world? Our app gives entrepreneurs, inventors, etc... a voice no matter how crazy the idea. You have a chance of sharing your idea with others and seeing if the idea will get anywhere.
(And our superfantastic solution)
Will the market want/ buy our product?
$45,000- 80,,000
16-34 months
Test subjects
tech support
mobile devices

*They will provide templates for buildings
i.e. houses, office buildings, condos, etc...
The Special Functions of
Build Central
* Design- With the 3D designing software,
you can create whatever comes to mind. This includes templates for certain things you would like to build for the people with creative block.

* Share- Manage your profile, post your latest designs, like, favorite, critique, or dislike other designs. Your news feed will contain all the latest designs that people have posted.

*Make that moolah- for only 99 cents you can advertise your product (after you've built it, of course). Tell others if you would invest in their product if it were to ever go on the market.
See, people are the ones with the ideas, and the drive to help the needy. But, some of them don't have the resources to do amazing things like that. Some of them can't even think of what to design, or build even though they have the motive to help their community. Build Central is your support system, it's your rescue!

To be Serious: Build central is a simple process for sharing and posting users ideas
-easy platform for constructing a prototype
-connection to users with investor and entrepreneurs
-its like a money making machine

* They are providing templates for medical devices
* They will provide the templates for different models of cars
i.e. convertible, SUV, minivan, sports car, etc...
* They will provide the templates for devices
i.e. smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc...
This software DOES NOT allow you to:
* Design on the go
* See if others would buy or invest in your idea
This software DOES allow you to:
* Design on the go
* See if others would buy or invest in your idea
*Kaiser Permanente
*Johnson & Johnson
*New Balance
*General Electrics
*They will provide templates for medical devices
* They would provide templates for technology,
Build Central
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