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Marketing Research ch. 29


Katie Nissen

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Marketing Research ch. 29

Ch. 29 Conducting Marketing Research The Marketing Research Process 1. Define the Problem
sales down from last year 2. Obtain Data
customer survey 3. Analyze Data
what is causing low sales? 4. Recommend Solutions
more variety? 5. Apply Results
implement solution, evaluate Data = Facts
Primary Data
obtained for 1st time
used for specific problem Secondary Data
already been collected
Ex. population, education level, income, ethnicity
--internet, gov. resources, bus. publications survey - most frequently used observation - observe shoppers experimental
changing a variable (price, color, advertising); keeping others constant and evaluating results
part of the target population that
represents it accurately
Writing Questions Open-ended = construct own
Comments: Forced-choice = choose answer
Yes/No Basic Guidelines
clearly written and brief
Use consistent ranking scales
NO guessing
offer incentives Formatting dark ink, light paper
type that is easy to read
section headings
number each question http://cyberinsecure.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/mcdosurvey1.gif Assignment:
Restaurant Survey WorksheetT
Tuesday: pg. 625 #29
Wednesday: share information; assign review worksheet
Thursday: Company survey
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