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Chalkchip - เถ้าแก่น้อย

No description

Noppol Pilukruangdet

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Chalkchip - เถ้าแก่น้อย

Class Summary
Class Planning
- Create class time table.
- List all courses and students
in this semester.
- Plan what teacher have to
teach in each class.
- Create a grading plan.
- Grade student's homework
or exam
- Keep some extra point for
students who are special.
Student Caring
- Memorize contacts of students and
their parents.
- Track students who special (low grade
or have no responsibility)
- Send student's report to their parents
via email.
Note Taking
- Check student attendances.
- Give some extra point or some
comment for students in class.
- Write a note in each period of class.
- Calculate and summarize student's grade.
- Create student report to share information
with other teachers or parents.
- Create teaching plan report that can use to
decide to improve themselves
People use smart devices
694.8 m
Education Apps
148.5 k
Teachers use smart devices
~7.65 m
People use smart devices
Teachers use smart devices
Education Apps
7.8 m
91 k
About 6 schools or 700 teachers use Schoolforweb
- 280,000 baht per year
- MA 13%
- Schoolforweb is a school
management system.
- Include a hardware services.
- Connections
- No has mobile apps in AppStore
and PlayStore.
- Price start at 40,000 baht.
- Teachers cannot buy this software
by themselves.
- UX and UI is not good and difficult
to learn and use.
Academic Year
Download offline file
Create new academic year
1 million
Initial Cost
1st Year
6 months
Publish to
and PlayStore
Sales & Marketing
6 months
- Digital Marketing
- Flyer brochure
- Support education
target users
3 Years
target users
5 million
per year
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