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No description

Luigi Pantarotto

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of KidBOARD

The Need
School teachers have no effective way of teaching kids with computers/tablets

Teachers lack in tech awareness and skills

Traditional methods are no longer good enough for nowadays - parents are complaining

The Solution
Simple access to quality apps

New methodologies using technologies

Center of Compentence for education

Target: Teachers, Families and Kids

Key resources: Pedagogists & SW
The Channels
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Minimal Viable Product - setup
Building stakeholders network

Set-up of site and db with existing qualified education contents

Pilot initiative for a first business simulation

Results analysis for business consistency

Go/No-Go. If Go setup of kidBoard SCRL

Get 1st round financing - 95,000 €
Minimal Viable Product - Take off
Start to test all the structure offering the Minimal Product

Release to market

Design certification process

Get the 2nd round financing - 630,000 € (for year 2 and 3)
Kidboard Full Offer
First certification round delivered

New customer segments: elderly, disabilities, museums, ...

Possible partnerships for HW with telcos or HW manufacturer for class-made PC

Future revenue streams from certification, advertising, school fees, revenue sharing with stakeholders - e. g. publishers
Simone Doerner - Instruction Innovator
Xiaofeng Wang - University Researcher
Flavio Ferrari - Project Manager
Maurizio Salerno - Business Consulting
Luigi Pantarotto - Business Case
Edoardo Cappa - Business Opportunities
Francesca Setti - Psychologist and Psychotherapist

The Team
Consulting by:
Naomi Mastachi - Designer
Thank you!
teacher conferences
traditional media
social (facebook, twitter, ...)
The Target Market in Italy
Primary education in Italy
17,845 schools
149,845 teachers
2,822,146 alumni

Potential market penetration (1%)
28,221 parents
152 publishers engaged in digital products market
1,6 M€ p.y.
0,5 M€ p.y.
together we make education better
Questions & Answers
Xiaofeng Wang - xiaofeng.wang@unibz.it

Simone Doerner - simone.doerner1@gmail.com
Flavio Ferrari - flavio.ferrari@gmail.com
Maurizio Salerno - msalerno@ymail.com
Luigi Pantarotto - lpantar8@gmail.com

Edoardo Cappa - edoardo.cappa@yahoo.it

Francesca Setti - francesca.setti@hotmail.it
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