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New Zealand

No description

Marleen Mendez

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of New Zealand

Action Packed Adventure Waitomo Caves Adventures Te Puia Lord of The Rings
Tour from Matamata Discover Dunedin's heritage architecture & world-renowned wildlife DEPARTURE: Language: Travel Documents Needed: Health & Safety Concerns: Religion Culture Currency: Coins: 0.10 , 0.20, 0.50, $1, $2
Notes: $5, $10, $20, $50, $10

1 US Dollar = 1.18799 NZ Note
1 NZ Note = 0.843355 US Dollar
(as of 2/18/2013) Multicultural society including the Māori people and people of different European descents
Self-reliance due to location
Emphasis on nature
considered a "classless" society due to lack of aristocracy
people of New Zealand refer to themselves as Kiwi- coming from the kiwi, a flightless bird, which is their national symbol Māori People: about 15% of New Zealand's 3.8 million population
culture includes arts, passed down stories/traditions, and language Seafood is an important part of Kiwi cuisine. This is because of the vast surrounding water around the islands. Many festivals are also centered on the various types of seafood. Marlborough green-lipped mussels Traditional Māori religion: pagan religion worshiping different gods (used to govern society until European religions came over)
Over 50% are Christians
include Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Morman, and Baptist Non-Christian:
Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Paganism
(take up very little of country) Around 30% of population have no religion at all. Education System: 7th best education system in the world School Year: Late January through Mid December
Mandatory to children ages 6-16
Free to children ages 5-19
3 Tier System:
Teritiery (universities/polytechs)
13 full years of schooling
Full Primary School: Years 1-8 (ages 5-13)
Intermediate School: Years 7-8 (ages 10-13)
Secondary School: Years 9-13 (ages 13-18) Funding: state schools=government funded
private schools= between $1,000 and $2,100 from government, mainly tuition Roast Lamb is another important food for the country. New Zealand lamb is exported in high demand internationally. The Māori hangi is a tradition type of cooking that represents the country's culture. Historical Facts Polynesians discovered and settled in New Zealand in 950 and 1130 A.D.
From 1790 on, whalers, traders, and missionaries took residence on the island
Musket wars begin because of harsh fighting between Māori tribes
1840: treaty between the Māori and the British known as the Treaty of Waitangi
New Zealand Wars (the Land Wars) lasted over 20 years Fish and Chips Wine is a favorite companion to New Zealand food. The country is known for its export of high class wine. There are many wine and cheese festivals celebrated year round. English, Māori and New Zealand Sign Language are the country's official language.

Māori is the language of the ancestors of New Zealand. Less than 10% of the Māori culture fluently speak the language.

New Zealand is the first country to have sign language as their official language in 2006.

The smaller New Zealand islands also have their own official languages. Topography Climate New Zealand is composed of two main islands, north and south. The country's size is similar to that of Great Britain. The country has a range of mountains, beaches, farmland, coastlines and hot springs.
The North Island is known for its mountainous ranges. The island has a Volcanic Plateau which causes warmer weather.
The South Island is home of the Southern Alps. These mountains are caused by the tectonic plates, the Australian and Pacific, that lie beneath New Zealand. Wait! Travel Trivia! Which famous movie trilogy was filmed in New Zealand? Nonstop: Coach
JFK, NY (Air New Zealand) --> LAX, LA
LA --> Auckland, New Zealand (AKL)
Auckland --> Queenstown, New Zealand (ZQN)
Flight Duration - 21 hr 12 min
Layover Time - 4 hr 58 min
* Total Trip Time - 26 hr 10 min RETURN: Queenstown, New Zealand (ZQN) --> Auckland (AKL)
Connecting flight wait time - 4 hrs 15 min
Auckland (AKL) --> LA (LAX)
Connecting flight wait time - 6 hrs 30 min
LA (LAX) --> JFK, NY
Flight Duration - 19 hr 20 min
Layover Time - 10 hr 45 min
* Total Trip Time - 30 hr 5 min Flight Fee - Roundtrip 1 Adult = $2,048 Baggage Fees: 1st bag - no fee, 2nd bag - $50 New Zealand's climate is moderate because the surrounding mountains and sea. Also, the climate depends on the islands. The North Island will have warmer weather while the South Island will have colder fronts. They have mild, wet winters which are the months of June, July and August. While December, January and February have plenty of sunshine in the summer. passport that is valid for at least 3 months beyond your intended departure date
visitor visa - when applying you must be:
- in good health
- of good character
- visitor visa fits your purpose for coming to New Zealand
proof of funds
- enough money to support yourself during your stay
Passenger Arrival Card *before passing through Customs Passport Control
- usually given during flight or available at arrival area * keeping yourself safe:
- carry a mobile phone -- 111 emergency
- don't travel alone
- don't accept rides from strangers & don't hitchhike
- at night, keep near well lit places where other people are present
- don't take short cuts through parks or alleyways
- take a taxi or get a ride with someone you know
- don't accept drinks from strangers, never leave drink unattended
- carry a basic first- aid kit
* keep accommodations safe
* if any possessions are stolen or misplaced, advise local police asap
* Vodafone and Telcom offer a text messaging service for visitors *7233 [SAFE]
* safety in the water - be aware
* accidents & health insurance - Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC): helps you pay for your care if you are injured - treatment & recovery included
* no vaccinations required to enter New Zealand Rotorua New Zealand Farmland Mountains Coastlines BE AWARE OF:
* Giardia: water- borne parasite that causes diarrhea
- avoid drinking water from lakes, ponds, rivers
* Sunburn: stronger sunlight in New Zealand than much of Europe or NA
- wear hats and sun block if out in the sun for more than 15-20 mins Beaches 15,000 km Hot Springs 1/5 of the North Island
2/3 of the South Island Food Action Packed Adventure Queenstown Sightseeing in Dunedin! The tour will feature stops at historic sights and nature visits such as:
St Paul's Cathedral
Baldwin Street, the world's steepest street
The Signal Hill lookout
Dunedin's heritage Railway Station, most
famous and celebrated building in dunedin
The Otago harbourside drive
The Pacific Ocean lookout
The St Clair esplanade, offering spectacular sea views
Cargill's Castle ruins Cost:
$35 NZ Eden Park Auckland TRIP COSTS 2013 Investec Super Rugby: Blues v Crusaders Cost:
$20 NZ USD NZD The stadium is known as the home of Rugby and is the largest stadium in New Zealand. The stadium is in the largest city of New Zealand. In 2015, the stadium will co-host the Cricket World Cup. Food Lodging Transportation Activities, etc. This adventure will have you descending 100 m below by a rope. During the four hour adventure, sights will include cave formations and plant life. It is a misty atmosphere and a great experience to have in New Zealand! Cost:
$260 NZ
Indigenous Evening Experience Combo Rotorua Cost:
$149 NZ The cultural evening will first consist of tour and visit to the carving and weaving school. Then a visit to the monumental carvings will follow. Afterwards, a Māori Feast will occur and a nature visit will follow. Cost: $75 NZ The 2 hour and 30 minute tour shows the make of the set of the Lord of The Rings. The tour will exhibit the many reasons why the country was selected for filming based on its landscape. At the end of the tour, the stop will be at The Shires Rest Cafe. Cost: $199 NZ (1st time)
$99 NZ after 1st time The location is 15 minutes from Queenstown and the staff meet you at their office. Afterwards, a car provided will take you to the adventure! The platform overlooks the Shotover River, 109 m above. There are many different jumps as well as paths that can be chosen while looking over New Zealand's beauty. $2, 048 $2,452 $1, 348 $1, 609 $780 $931 $627 $749 TOTAL $4, 803 $5,741 * 7 outdoor safety tips:
- plan your trip
- tell someone about your trip: leave date, contact info, etc.
- be aware of weather
- know limits
- take sufficient supplies: food, clothing, equipment
- don't rely on cell phone coverage, use a personal locator beacon
- if lost, seek shelter and stay where you are
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