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Back to School

No description

Kristina Hill

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Back to School

Mrs. Hill's Second Grade
Back to School Night
Tuesday, September 10th
A little bit about...
Mrs. Hill
This is my tenth year teaching and my third year with LCUSD. I LOVE teaching and am so excited to be your child's teacher this year! I graduated from UC San Diego in 2003 with a degree in Human Development. I earned my teaching credential from Cal State Los Angeles in 2004 through the Cal State Teach Program while teaching in first grade in downtown LA. I hold a Masters degree in Educational Administration. Before teaching I spent several years in early childhood education as a preschool teacher, assistant director, and as a private newborn nanny. So as you can see I LOVE kids!
Education and Career
Good Deed Punch Card
When you fill up your punch card you get to select a prize from...
If your child is not following one of our rules I will tell them to move their clip to...
SLOW DOWN! The first time your child will get a
verbal warning and be redirected.
STOP! Your child will earn a teacher's choice consequence. (i.e. time-out, behavior reflection,
or loss of privilege, etc.)
Clip Chart
Standards Based Grading
4 - Exceeding grade level standards
3 - Meeting grade level standards
2 - Approaching grade level standards
1 - Below grade level standards
Percentile Equivalent
4: 100%-90%
3: 89%-80%
2: 79%-70%
1: 69% and below
Sent Home in Thursday Folder
Due back Friday of the following week
Includes: writing, spelling, math
Problem Solving Math Book
Reading Log 400 minutes per month
Challenge Task Calendar
Thursday Folders
Goes home every Thursday
Remove all papers, only send back those that need to be returned to school
Sign the back
Due back every Friday
Contains important school information and reminders
Graded work and tests will be sent home in this folder
Every Thursday 12:30-1:00
Second graders check out 2 books
Students must bring in BOTH
books on library day
At least one book MUST be a
"just right" level chapter book
Ways to recognize student birthdays in class

1. You may send in non-edible treats ONLY
Ex: pencils, stickers, bookmarks, bubbles

2. You may bring in your child's favorite book to be read

to the class

3. You may also donate a book to the classroom in honor
of their birthday.
Students get very hungry during the day. Hunger makes it hard for them to focus.
Please send your child to school with at least one snack daily.
*Due to some severe food allergies at LCE we do not allow students to share snacks with each other.
Snack Times:
morning recess: 9:10 a.m. afternoon: 1:50 p.m.
Class Website
If you would like to be invited as a member of our class website please email me at
This website will be your resource for all things Room 9
Be sure to bookmark it on your computer
the website will be used for...
announcements and classroom information
field trip and classroom volunteer sign-ups
project due dates
photos of our learning adventures
Please sign-up for a date and time before you leave today.
Conferences will be 15-20 minutes
Tests and Assessments
Each week students may be tested on:
Language Arts
Helpful Hints:
always answer using complete sentences
check for capitals and punctuation
Thank you!
2 punches in punch card

1 punch in punch card

Start here each day

Verbal warning and redirection

Behavior Refection
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