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Beacon Pass

No description

Sophie Greenfield

on 21 March 2018

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Transcript of Beacon Pass

The challenge
Solution - demo 1
Beacon Pass
Virtually swipe your card, hands free
Validation process
Validated the problem with
12 face to face interviews

Validated the solution with
127 online survey respondents

Built and user tested the app design and tested the connection proof of concept.

How it works
Solution - demo 2
“I cannot use an Opal card, and so I cannot travel
on trains or on the bus independently.”
How it works
iBeacon technology
Answers from friends with disability:

Elise Ackland Yes! Even though I have good use of my hands, trying to manoeuvre a wheelchair through a busy train station or shopping situation whilst juggling your wallet, on top of steering, dealing with bags, or holding my blessed morning coffee (which is a life necessity haha!) would definitely be easier with something like that.
Answers from friends with disability:

Clara Rosetta Santilli Yes. I now have a broken elbow. I'll even test it for you.

Casey Smith Yes!! That would be awesome for Aleah! She can't grasp the concept of tapping on and off with those stupid opal cards, so it limits her accessibility, even catching the school bus is too difficult

Stuart Miller I'd be into into into, especially with My hands arthritis getting worse

15/15 said YES, they want it and would pay.

Remarkable because...
Today - we're solving a problem of transport accessibility (bus, train, ferry)

Tomorrow this could scale to solve building access, retail payments, secure child travel and loyalty cards...

Transporting you to an accessible future

High impact because...
Kelly reminded us that inclusive design is for everyone. So although Beacon Pass was designed with Judith in mind, it will impact our whole society.

Imagine an all inclusive card free experience. Never having to struggle or worry about exposing the contents of your wallet to go about your everyday tasks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

Beacon Pass
93% of people surveyed want this product!

Australian Market opportunity - 15 million people!!
Beacon pass
Beepin' good fun!
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