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Injecting the Web & Interactivity into Moodle

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Paul McKenzie

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Injecting the Web & Interactivity into Moodle

Moodle Course Creation
Pros & Cons • Problems & Solutions The pros A uniform platform for school-wide course
creation leads to local communties of support An easily regulated single point
entry for parents, students, and teachers The cons Moodle isn't Web2.0 intuitive - there is a
fairly steep learning curve for course creators Learning management systems tend to be teacher
and classroom-centric ≠ student self-regulated and
globally connected education By being out of step with Social Media (Web2.0),
it is not overly appealing to students Moodle is open-source and free with
an active community of developers For Moodle to be a truly disruptive technology that advances best practices in education, it needs to be more open to the free exchange of information and ideas outside the school. More
open to student participation. LMS's are not natural nodes
of sharing and creativity Access and content can be
easily controlled by course creators Learning Management Systems
are in effect 'Walled Gardens' An LMS is to the World Wide Web what a textbook is to
a differentiated and constructivist learning environment. they are safe environments where content
can be controlled and users limited How can we create windows
in Moodle's walled gardens? it constrains student-regulated communication, creativity, and collaboration So... http://www.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-150371948 _______________ _______________ in many ways... The Problem The Solution _______________ Embedding web elements iFrame script Student control Many social media elements such as
online video, collaborative documents,
shared calendars, shared mindmaps, audio,
photo albums, RSS feeds... can be inserted
into a course with an embed code. Make Moodle less textbook/whiteboard-like,
and more like the web iFrame scripts allow you to embed
a website within a website. For example, embedding a class Google Site inside your Moodle
course not only adds more visual appeal and interactivity, it also allows you to edit outside the LMS. Encourage students to contribute to resource collection and content creation for the class LMS. For example... Glossary creation - students add
new vocabulary with definitions
to courses or individual topics <iframe src="paste any website address here" width="100%" height="800">
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