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Reid Wicoff

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of CA

What our tool/tools need
Convergence Analytics
Web analytics- grown up version of log-file analysis. Log-files are still generated by every server today but they have been surpassed in utility by a combination of web-user tracking technologies focused on html-embeded javascript commonly known as tagging.

Non clickstream Data
Direct Mail customer lists
Point-of-sale analytics
Survey Data
The end of Software
Moore’s law
Depreciating the in house server farm
“Software as a service” (remote processing/ remote storage)
Data is no longer rows of numbers, it is visual
User interface
The dashboard
Social Media
You can’t have digital marketing without social media
Data overload
Overload of disorganized information without enough capacity to quickly use it for decision making.
Need for an intelligent approach to data correlation and visualization
History of Analytics
Convergence Analytics
The Problem

With all of this "big data" out there- Marketing teams need tools that connect to and normalize data from vendors
Social media stats
Web metrics
Call center details
CRM data
Results from campaigns
Third party research
Market data

-More rapid results

By connecting data from multiple sources it allows the marketing a 360 degree view of their customers behavior as well as supporting data from resource planning, pricing, demographic sources, and more.
Convergence analytics tools
1. Connectivity to multiple data sources

2. Extraction of data from multiple sources

3. Transformation of data into a common format

4. Capability to load data into a single readily accessible database

5. Ability to display the collected and transformed data into a single view

6. Ability to create custom views of data
What Convergence Analytics tools can provide
The end game of convergence analytics is to give marketers a of customer behavior in the context of financial, market and other related information.

However dashboards alone do not deliver the insights needed to drive marketing decisions
Not actionable- they only capture data on the state of the system and often fail to describe the system itself and its potential layers

We need a way (or a vendor who has a way) to interact with the dashboard in “real time”
Visualization tools
Take action in "real-time"

The practice of modeling business rules around data in order to suggest possible outcomes based on a variety of adjustable “what if” scenarios.

Active decision capability: built-in ability to make decisions on-the-fly about content suitability and the ability to dynamically serve that content
The ability to...
Sending the right message to the right person at the right time
The Solution
A combination of software capabilities with a series of marketing channels

Data used to be one dimensional, only used for the software tool to display accurate, concrete results in one area
Now the data for convergence analytics must display information from a number of sources. Often this information is gathered from a number of different sources and stored in system not designed to work with this new data

Data needs a great deal of refinement before it can be put to use. It needs to be exchanged, unharmed between multiple platforms

This new data now needs to be stored in a flexible database that can respond to whatever is asked of it.

Normalize the data for insight

Based upon the human request the analysis software must immediately respond by accessing the transformed data and deliver results to the analyst.
Producing robust, rapid, accurate analysis

Well presented data will make it easier for the marketers to make content and campaign decisions
Necessary Capabilities of Convergence tools
Access to Data
Extract the Data
Load the Data
Transfer the Data
Analyze the Data
Display the Data
Software as a service (SaaS)
Are vendors selling too much service and not backing it by quality of product?
Or are they simply selling the amazing capabilities of the product without putting enough service (or attention/optimization) behind it?
Product/Service Mix
How mature is the technology behind the product/price? (sometimes the more mature the more complex)
How much of the offering is really a product? How much of it is a data scientist service?
What does “real time” truly indicate?
Do connectors provide more than simple conduits of info?
What purpose does the algorithm really serve?
How much modeling is built into the architecture, and how much is left up to the marketer based on a new ay to look at data?
Questions for Vendors
How to choose a vendor/tool
I want view through reporting. Real time full access to Recrue/CDS reporting. Integration of reporting from different platforms in a seamless way (blending AAS, mobile, Recrue reporting on one clear seamless report)

I really want prettier reporting.. reporting in dashboard format accessible to clients 24/7 (similar to what ReachLocal can provide), clear explanations of what is being optimized for reach extension campaigns so we can show clients and our reps what we are doing to ensure best response & campaign performance
My clients expressed needing tracking what users are doing on site after clicking.
I think it would be beneficial to break down the impressions/clicks by . It might be nice to create a log in for clients to access in to pull the reports that are displayed in a way that are more visually appealing like Recrue does on the full reports – they show charts, devices, etc
creative elements
Big data is a collection of data sets so and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. The challenges include capture, curation, storage, search, sharing, transfer, analysis, and

1. Define goals
2. Collect data (using a tracking application, create a customized reporting solution)
3. Analyze findings (determine success of content and create an action plan for improvement)
4. Adjust content (change content to address the deficiencies revealed by data collection)
5. Measure again and compare (review effectiveness of changed content against old)
With this tool, we implement a new process
"The Power of information transforms the ability to succeed"
We need actionability
70% of vendors say they offer a dashboard, however 45% say data cannot be queried through their dashboard, and 30% have no direct access to a datamart or database
Predictive analytics
holistic view

Digital Marketing has always thrived on its ability to measure everything.
And now the advertiser demands to be armed with more and more of this "big-data" so they can then optimize their marketing efforts in a virtuous cycle of improvement in "real-time" leading to greater ROI.
The with which content drives a desired
action equals its success as a marketing tool
... all in real time
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