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Welcome to Hell.

No description

Sydney Lim

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to Hell.

Welcome to Hell.
Fame Edition.

By: Sydney Lim

Celeb who are located in the circle of pride are the self consumed people who think very highly of themselves and lowly of others. These souls get stomped on into the mud by horses (which represents pride) and put down (which they have never felt before). They now are feeling low in society instead of living the high vanity life.
These souls have been dying to become celebrities. These people lived ordinary lives but wanted much more. They tried too hard to get noticed. As a punishment these souls have had their eyes permanently glued shut. They now cannot have the pleasure of acting envious towards people, and striving to fit in.
Betrayal is the worst sin of all considering all of the sins can relate to betrayal. The souls stuck in circle 9 have betrayed themselves or a community of people. These souls have betrayed people so now the saying "liar, liar, pants on fire" has become their life. Their pants have been set on fire for the rest of eternity.
Souls placed in this vestibule called limbo are
subjected to putting their lives on pause. After all no one likes sitting in a waiting room. These souls were opportunists that never took a break to step back and look at the full picture (their life). Now they are sentenced to sitting in a vestibule for the rest of eternity. Listening to elevator music and staring at photos of what their lives could have been; Thinking about how they could have bettered and organized their life.
Souls in Limbo
Michael Jackson: Who lived for the paparazzi. Bleached his skin, hung his child over a rail, and got caught up in an addiction to anesthesia.
The souls placed in the Absorbed category are the ones who are absorbed with fame. Fame took over their lives and these celebrities let it happen. Now they are stuck in a pool of water while absorbing it as their skin turns into a pruney texture and then eventually disintegrate starting the process all over again.
Miley Cyrus: Miley had started her acting career at a young age Begining Hannah Montana. With age she changed from Country Hannah to rapping twerking Hannah who sings about drugs. Fame got the best of her.
Souls in the Absorbed.
Cory Monteith: Cory played Finn in a popular TV show called Glee. Cory struggled with addiction both alcohol and drugs. No one knows exactly why he relapsed but a friend shared with the press that he started to feel overwhelmed with the show, press conferences, and family issues.
Souls in Limbo
Lindsey Lohan: Lindsey also started her acting career at a very young age. She had been arrested countless times for being under the influence. Lindsey is now in rehab still and life is giving her yet another chance.
Tom Cruise: Tom has a big ego and has told TMZ that he feels that his acting career is more difficult than olympic training and compared his work to fighting in Afghanistan
Souls in Pride/Vanity.
Paris Hilton: Paris also has a huge ego. Back in her younger years Paris shot a TV show called the Simple Life. Since that time she has thought she should be treated as a princess due to her placement in the fame world and her last name.
Souls in Pride/Vanity.
Kate Gosselin: Kate from "Jon&Kate plus 8" always strives for the attention of the paparazzi. Kate openly has put all eight of her children on TV in hopes she will get fame in the end.
Souls in Envy.
Elivs Presley: Elvis had a poor upbringing mainly eating fried foods. He based his life around food even flying 800 miles away just to try a sandwich located in Denver. On average his calorie in take a day was 12,000 when the regular intake is 2,500. He passed away due to a heart attack.
Souls in Gluttony.
Souls in Gluttony.
These souls have been placed in the circle of gluttony for an excessive amount of eating and promoting an unhealthy weight gain. Food becomes their drug and they base their life around their eating habits and it eventually ruins their life. Their punishment is to eat as much junk food as they can until they explode. Then starting this process over and over again for the rest of eternity.
Oprah Winfrey: Oprah is known as the most powerful woman around the world. She promotes the better things in life such as loving one another, being kind, helping the less fortunate, and eating healthy. Oprah struggled with weight gain and really let herself go for a while. She is such an inspiration to people not only in our country but other countries as well. She suddenly became very unhealthy when she started using food as her coping skill. She now tries to correct her eating habits and maintain a healthy weight.
Souls who have been sentenced to the circle of greed have taken advantage of someone or something. These souls now have to carry whatever they took advantage of, on their back up steep mountains (ex. if they took advantage of someone they will have to carry the weight of that person on their back for the rest of eternity).
Anna Nicole Smith: Anna took advantage and married and elderly man who was not all there but had a lot of money. When he passed away only a short time after their marriage she testified in court to get all of his money from his Will.
Donald Trump: Donald is a very greedy man. He uses money as his power and thinks that just because he has money he has power and control over people. He is a very disliked man.
Souls in Greed.
Sloth is the laziest sin of them all. These souls have let laziness take over their lives and let it take over their image. These souls now have no bones making them unable to move. They were lazy in the real world and now they are lazy for the rest of eternity.
Courtney Love: Courtney has let her image get taken over by sloth. She now looks sloppy and has no ambition to turn her life around and get back on the right track.
Souls in Sloth.
These souls have committed the sin of lust. Weather it be having a public affair or taking advantage of being a famous sex symbol. These souls now look their best and look seductive but have chastity belts on and every time they try and commit lust they get shocked by a shock collar.
Souls in Lust.
Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn was a sex symbol all over the world. She took advantage of her "fame" and had an affair with President John F. Kennedy. Then later on became addicted to drugs and overdosed.
Souls in Lust.
Hugh Hefner: Hugh started his company Playboy when he was just 19 years old. Although his company is legal he uses girls to promote the sin of lust.
Heidi Montag: Heidi started off her career on the hills. She was best friends with Lauren Conrad until Heidi started dating Spencer Pratt. Ever since the hills ended Heidi has been getting multiple cosmetic surgeries and making them public. Overall Heidi has been craving attention since the show ended.
Amy Winehouse: Amy's biggest hit "rehab" was her life. That song supported her and her drinking habits. Unfortunately Amy's life ended due to her alcohol addiction.
Souls in Sloth.
Souls in the circle of wrath have let anger and a bad temper control their life. These souls now rip each other apart over and over as they ripped apart others in the real world
Souls in Wrath.
Chris Christie: Chris Christie has said many offensive things while giving public speeches.
He has called people "stupid", "morons", and publicly yelled at Snooki while she was helping the Sandy Relief clean up.
Kanye West: Kanye lashed out on Taylor Swift on TV as she won an award. He publicly embarrassed her and made a fool out of himself.
Souls in Wrath.
Souls in Betrayal.
Jim Jones: "Don't drink the kool-aid" is a popular saying now a days. It is all thanks to Jim Jones who founded a cult and moved them on to an island. When the U.S. found out about this they went to the island to save the people in the cult from Jones (who wouldn't let them leave the island). Jim poisoned the kool-aid and killed his cult before they could be saved.
Charles Manson: Charles led "The Manson Family". Charles had committed crimes with his so called family and he was sentenced to life in jail. His members who were not arrested carried out his plans until eventually the family died out.
Souls in Betrayal.
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