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NEW AMCAS 2019 App- Quick Version

For AMCAS Team Presentations to Students

Tia Norrington

on 8 March 2018

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Transcript of NEW AMCAS 2019 App- Quick Version

AMCAS Communications

2019 AMCAS Overview
How does AMCAS Work?
The path of your application:
2019 Application Dates
*Dates subject to change.
The 2019 AMCAS Application
Identifying Information
Schools Attended
Biographic Information
Course Work
Work and Activities
Letters of Evaluation
Medical Schools
Standardized Tests
After Submission...
Letters of Evaluation
Changing your Application
& Tools
Application Submitted
Application Processed
Application Delivered
Complete your AMCAS application and submit online
Pay Fees (or use FAP award)
All official transcripts arrive at AMCAS
Verification of coursework
Calculation of AMCAS GPAs
Verified application sent to designated medical schools
Letters delivered on a rolling basis
MCAT scores automatically received and can be taken before and after application is submitted
Who's participating in 2019 AMCAS?
AMCAS Application
AMCAS Letters
Criminal Background Checks
150* Schools/Programs
All MD granting programs in the United States
* Exception of MD programs at Texas public schools
144* Schools/Programs
112* Schools/Programs
"Deadline" means...
Your completed application must be submitted by
11:59 p.m. ET
on the deadline date
AMCAS must receive all required official transcripts within 14 calendar days of the application deadline date
EDP deadline =
August 1

(For application AND transcripts)
AMCAS does not grant deadline extensions
All Official
Line-by-line comparison of the coursework listed on your transcripts to the coursework you entered on your AMCAS application.
All AAMC Resources for Pre-Meds:
For Help with AMCAS:
Secondary application deadlines...
Be sure to check the deadline specifics for each school that you apply to!
Use the same username and password that you used for MCAT registration or for the Fee Assistance Program
Login and Registration
Application Main Menu
Letters of Evaluation
Average Number of...
Courses Entered: 52
Schools Attended: 2-3
Maximum of 15 entries
Enter up to 4 separate date ranges
Enter future end dates up to the start of matriculation year
Maximum of 3 "Most Meaningful" experiences
Work and Activities
ID Numbers
Full legal, preferred, and alternate names
Contact Information
Mailing addresses
Alternate contact information
Date of birth, birth address, and sex
Letters of Evaluation
Notification that a letter will no longer be sent
Addition of up to 10 letter entries
New MCAT testing date
Addition of medical schools or changes to existing program types
Deadlines, fees, and restrictions apply
Release of application information to school-designated pre-health advisor
Find processing updates on Twitter
Application Fees
Processing Fee
Includes one school
Fee for each additional school
Fees subject to change
Medical schools' secondary application deadlines often differ from AMCAS deadlines.
email: amcas@aamc.org
Fee Assistance Program
The Fee Assistance Program: www.aamc.org/fap
Updating Your Submitted Application
Reduced MCAT registration fees & free prep materials
Free access to the Medical School Admissions Requirements website
Waiver for AMCAS fees for up to 16 school designations
Scholarships provided for those who need updated/current evaluations for accommodations application
What resources do I need?
registering for the MCAT or submitting your AMCAS application
are not
Valid for two calendar years
For 2018 -
New look and feel of the application design launched
New Indicator - First Generation College Student
Adding new Questions:
GI Bill Eligibility
Research Experience
Gender Identity
Looking Ahead
Identifying Information
Work & Activities
Standardized Tests
*Preliminary numbers; These figures are subject to change.
Course Work
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