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Presentatie Engels

No description

Berbe Jonkheer

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Presentatie Engels

Daily Schedule
The characteristics of Playing for Success Eindhoven
Playing for Success Eindhoven
Intro movie PfS
Our learningcentre
What does Playing for Succes actually do?
Our ambition
The trajectory
For more info, pictures and many more, visit...
Search our Facebook by entering 'Playing for Success Eindhoven' on Google.

Increasing the growth of childeren and youngsters, prevent or decrease learning delays for childeren that under achieve and prevent school drop outs.
Support social skils development.

Giving back confidence.

Experience success and developing an own identity.

The underlying idea: Increase on grammar, math and ICT.
Solution-oriented method

After-school activity

An high WOW-factor

Learning by playing

Intensive coaching

An high parental involvement

Voluntary participation
11 weeks, 2,5 hours
Max. 20 childeren
Max. 4 childeren in an tip/top group
1 teacher, mulitple interns from different levels of education, mostly students of social studies
Every meeting different goals:
Making friends
Standing up for yourself
Creating an own identity
15.30-15.45 - Warming up

15.45-16.00 - Opening

16.00-16.15 - Discussion of tactics

16.15-17.00 - First half

17.00-17.45 - Second half

17.45-18.00 - evaluation
An independent board

Board: SKPO, Salto, Lumens en PSV

62 schools

350 - 400 students

85% show improvement

10% no improvement

5% drop-outs
- Subsidy

- Our board members

- Parental contribution

- Partners

History of Playing
for Success
Thank you for listening!

Are there any questions?

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