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TAKS presentation Review

No description

Andrea Rodriguez

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of TAKS presentation Review

Which of the following best explains why City 3 experiences the smallest change in day length between summer and winter out of the four cities shown in the diagram above? A: city 3 is closest to the sun during the northern hemisphere's winter B: Earth completes one revolution of the sun about every 365 days C:earth rotates on its axis about once every 24 hours D: city 3 is located closest to the equator Why ? ... because it is tilted on its axes and it mainly gets the same amont of light and night and amount of days during Winter and Summer the ansewer is : D A...... is not right because city 3 will always be in the middle and it will never be closer to the norther or southern part of the earth B.......... is not right because this question has nothing to do with this question C....... is not right because the rotation of the earth does not have to anything with this question Which of the following best represents the appearance
of the moon on October 10,2005 A: it wouldn't be a because a Full Moon was on the 17th of October B: it wouldn't be because it would be closer to 12-15 of October C: it wouldn't be New Moon because it was on the 3rd of october D: it would be d because it is half way and it would make sence to be the 1st quarter QUESTIONS 39 AND 40
BY ANDREA RODRIGUEZ Q:39 Q:40 The ansewer is D THE END :)
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