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No description

Cherilyn Theisen

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Branding

Branding Process Brand? What is a more than A brand is logo | website | direct mail | email a Step 1 The brand is what you stand-for It's the value you bring that delights the market
It's what differentiates you from competitors INTERNAL REFLECTION
Brands grow from within.
Synchronize OWU's
personality, values, and culture. Know who we are and what we stand for
What is our purpose?
What's our passion?
What are our values? Step 3 RESEARCH
Who loves OWU?
Who doesn't? Host focus groups
Learn what motivates
Know what people want
Know what they say about OWU Step 4 RESEARCH
Who shares the brandscape? Who's the competition
Who came first?
What are they doing? A brand comes from a person's gut feeling about you. Step 8 EXECUTION
Build a culture of
Brand employees Align brand values with internal efforts and recruiting
Reinforce the brand through leader sponsorship
Enforce brand values and guiding principals
Recognize brand employees Step 7 DEVELOPMENT
The creative brief.
What makes OWU the only. Define what makes OWU both different AND compelling
Define the perfect customer
Show how OWU will ZAG while competitors ZIG
Define OWU's golden promise
Define guiding principals and values to maintain the brand
Define the student experience Step 9 EXECUTION
Present OWU's brand
externally in everything we do. Marketing strategy
Media strategy
Student experience
Alumni experience
Recruiting experience Step 2 INTERNAL REFLECTION
OWUs vision. Where do we want to be in 5-10 years
How can we make that vision understandable and exciting Branding is a long-term process It takes time to build a strong reputation and stands above the rest. We promise The Nationwide brand appeals to people who value
trusted advice and relationships over the lowest price Get to know members' individual, changing needs
Deliver highly attentive, personal service
Give members a voice on how to make their experience more fair, convenient, and beneficial Our values We value integrity
We value respect
We value diversity
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