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Get Some Sleep!

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Victoria Uline

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Get Some Sleep!

"Most people do not know how much sleep is needed and place themselves and sometimes others at risk for medical problems and increased risk for injuries or fatal accidents" (Gregory 1).

"The finding that sleep deprivation increases energy expenditure should not be interpreted that sleep deprivation is a safe or effective strategy for weight loss as other studies have shown that chronic sleep deprivation is associated with impaired cognition and weight gain" (Jung 235).
..but, there is a solution!
According to the Mayo Clinic, students should be getting 9-11 hours of sleep per night, adults should be getting 7-8 hours per night.
What are the benefits?
"The results are of high clinical relevance as they show that adolescents obtaining sufficient and/or good sleep show nearly no daytime functioning problems" (Dewald-Kaufmann 1).

"Sleep extension can improve declarative memory in adolescents" (Lucassen 2).
Change your habits and
get some sleep!
Victoria Uline
Prof. Cundiff
Persuasive Speech
So..what do you say?
Therefore, if each of us tries our best to fix our sleeping habits and form them to give us the proper amount of sleep, then we can be healthier individuals and lower our risks. This could extend our life expectancy!
"Insufficient sleep can result in excessive daytime sleepiness, and therefore, links to problems with attention, concentration, impulsivity, mood regulation, and cognitive functioning" (Li 1)
Not getting a healthy amount of sleep at night can have major repercussions to your health!
Sleep: The Nightly Remedy to Daily Issues
..this is a big problem..
Many people put themselves at risk for health problems and can't fulfill their daily activities with their best ability because of the effects from their lack of sleep.
In order to fix this problem in our society, we all need to plan out our day so that we can get to bed earlier at night, and sleep in later in the morning.
Keep your figure
You can concentrate better
You'll be in a great mood
Ability to make better informed decisions
You'll live longer
Your less likely to get sick
You'll remember things clearly
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