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Decreasing Burnout in Health Care Professionals

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Haley Hickman

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of Decreasing Burnout in Health Care Professionals

Thank You!
Who We Are
To decrease Burnout, stress and fatigue within the field of health care.
To provide outlets for de-stressing to health care practitioners.
To ensure hospitals utilize new policies for shorter shifts, hiring more employees, and providing adequate time for vacation, sick days, and maternal/paternal leave.
To educate on disease control and how health care professionals can protect themselves from pathogens.
To ensure the use, and continued use of Personal Protective Equipment, and reinforcing the use of gloves, hand washing/sanitization, face masks, bio-hazard suits, and the proper disposal of bio-hazardous waste.

Hold educational seminars for every hospital in North Carolina (126).
Establish Meditation and Exercise Classes.
Establish Group Therapy and Grief Counseling.
Bi-weekly check-ins via email/mail to see the progress of the program.
Bi-weekly check ins to assess how much burnout and stress has declined.
Make adjustments as needed
Lower burnout and stress by at least 85% in the hospitals across North Carolina.

The Pressing Issue
“entry-level BSN enrollment fell 2.1 percent in fall 2000, dropping for the sixth year in a row.”
Rental Space $2,000

Meditation classes*-
Personnel $2,340
Other Items (candles, yoga mats, etc.) $200

Group Therapy/Grief Counseling*-
Personnel $55,300

Exercise Classes*-
Personnel $4,680
Other Items (weights, equipment, etc.) $500

Healthcare Guardians of America
Decreasing Burnout in Health Care Professionals
Help reduce the amount of burnout and emotional stress in healthcare practitioners.
Reduce burnout and emotional stress of healthcare practitioners
Growing problem that requires immediate attention
Requesting a $100,000 grant
Want to provide:
group therapy
exercise classes
meditation classes
speaker seminars
increased staff
Non-profit organization that was created to ensure safety during fieldwork for all ranges of medical providers
Composed of practicing and retired healthcare practitioners
Founded in 1988 after the AIDs epidemic struck in New York City, taking countless lives
History of almost 30 years, 32 states, and 5,200 members
Paired with Doctors Without Borders to send supplies (personal protective equipment, antibiotics, blankets, cots, mosquito nets, etc.) and healthcare professionals to affected countries in Africa.
*based on 1 hospital
1-2 months
12 months
3-4 months
5-11 months
Educate through
Actualize our mission
Bi-weekly evaluations
Burnout eliminated by at least 85% in all hospitals across NC
“The nation’s shortage of doctors will rise to between 46,000 and 90,000 by 2025”
“Younger nurses also reported significantly higher rates of burnout and this was particularly true among those experiencing higher levels of agitation at work”.
"In one sense, it could be considered a public health crisis, because if we don't have sufficient nurses to meet the needs of people in need of health care," the entire health care system could crumble. "I think that it's time that nurses are recognized as a scarce resource that needs to be invested in, supported and respected."
Paige Tarleton
Kate McKenzie
Logan Kahny
Haley Hickman
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