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Private Peaceful

No description

Joe Hull

on 30 November 2017

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Transcript of Private Peaceful

Why does the German soldier allow Tommo to live?
Where do Tommo and Charlie go to during this chapter?
What image of life is the army is given during the speech by the Captain? Why?
What is Charlie's attitude towards going to war? Is this characteristic of his approach to life?
How does the author create a feeling of euphoria when Big Joe is found?
What is the role Molly plays in this chapter? What does this tell us about her?
Where does Big Joe go? Why does he choose this location?
The war is frequently and fleetingly mentioned. Why?
How is the Colonel shown in this chapter?
What role does Tommo play in Charlie's relationship with Molly?
What does Charlie's
decision to steal Bertha tell us about Charlie's character?
First World War Research
LI: To understand the context of the novel

Research the following areas and create a PowerPoint presentation with the information. Think about the colours and fonts. Make sure they are appropriate.
Dulce et Decorum Est
LI: To be able to identify language techniques and effects in war poetry.
Private Peaceful
Information to cover
A title page.
A brief introduction to how the war started.
Describe the conditions in the trenches and include pictures.
Explain the role of women during war time.
Use any additional facts about WW1

Dulce et Decorum Est
Complete the worksheet
Due Friday 24th 2014
Look at this picture
In your groups, discuss:
What is happening?
Why do the soldiers wear masks?
Look at this picture:
What poetic techniques are we aware of?
Write a PEE paragraph about one of the techniques you have identified.
'Bent double' suggests they are no longer able to stand up straight but also subtly implies that they have become two people: the men they were before the war and the creatures they have morphed into.
The poet uses several similes to emphasise how the soldiers have become impoverished and disfigured through the effects of war.
"Knock-kneed, coughing like hags."
The word 'hag' is associated with witches and ill elderly women, and therefore highlights how physically weak and frail the soldiers have become.
Similarly, Owen compares the soldiers to 'old beggars' who are 'bent double', which successfully adds to the image of the men as malnourished and exhausted victims of war.
Challenge question: Is it 'fit and right' to die for your country? What did Wilfred Owen think?
Private Peaceful:
The opening chapter
Learning intentions:
TBAT identify techniques used by the writer to gain the reader’s interest

To understand how verb tense affects the reader
A quick sketch on how the war begun:
Look at the front and back cover, read the blurb......
Now read the first paragraph of FIVE PAST TEN
What do you notice?
Now record what you think the book is about.
"Having read the first paragraph, I now think....".
Read Chapter One pages 7 - 17
Three people are needed to be our experts:
What happened to Tommo’s father?
What is Tommo and Charlie’s
relationship like? How can you tell?
What is significant about the way the grandmother reacts at the funeral?
What tense is the Chapter written in? What is the effect on the reader?
Effect on the reader:
Past and present tense
Change these sentences and put them into the past tense:
1. She eats all the chocolates.
2. They go to the bus stop.
3. He goes shopping on Fridays.
4. She is fifteen years old.
Change these sentences to put them in the present tense:
1. I had a new bicycle.
2. He went to the library for a book.
3. Susan was faster than the boys.
4. I was smaller than the teacher.
Think of a memory from your past. Any memory, it could be funny, happy or sad.
Write a paragraph detailing the memory in the past tense. It must contain at least five language devices. Include what happened and how you felt.
Two versions of a memory - present and past tense
Rewrite the paragraph in the present tense.
In your books, fill in the gaps for a summary of Chapter One.
Can you guess the theme of the next chapter?
Early characterisation
LI: To develop understanding of the characters
Read Chapter 2
Why was Big Joe bullied? Why does the colonel insist Tommo's mother must work as a maid?
Name a quality for the following characters:
Charlie, Tommo and Molly
Effect on reader:
Name a theme that emerges in this chapter.
Dear Diary
Name the features of a diary
Reflective language
Date of entry
First person narrative
Combine past and present tense for effect
Emotive language
Write a diary entry from one of the following characters:
Big Joe
Peer assessment
Swap books and with a green pen, mark your partner's diary entry.

Did they manage each of the success criteria we identified? Give a WWW/EBI.
What is the chapter titled?
Who are they?
Who is speaking?
Why would a person say, life is "far too precious"?
Chapter 1: Five Past Ten
Tommo _________, an __-year-old soldier, is thinking back over his life. He remembers going to ______ and his close relationship with his ______, Charlie.

Tommo remembers his ______: he believes that if he had run away from a falling ____ his ______ would still be ______.

secret hamster father sabbatical Peaceful tree 18 school confusion brother alive Aguero
Fill in the gaps to get a summary for the second chapter
Chapter 2: Twenty to Eleven
In chapter two, Tommo remembers incidents from his childhood. These include when he and Charlie fed their brother, Big Joe a bag of __________ ____________ and told him they were __________.
_____ became best friends with them after Charlie got into trouble at school. Charlie got into a fight ____________ Tommo.

The ___________ threatens the family with __________ unless their mother started working as his ________'s maid. She agrees, but that means that their Great-Aunt must look after them - but they all __________ her.

Early characterisation
LI: To be able to make inferences about characters
Think of three questions you have about the novel so far.
Eg. Do the Peaceful boys survive the war?
Discuss with your table, have any of you similar questions?
Read Chapter Three, Nearly Quarter Past Eleven, pg 35
Chapter Summary
Chapter Three: Nearly Quarter Past Eleven
Copy this into your books, filling in the gaps:

In chapter 3, Tommo remembers how ______ ______ loved all animals, and gave a ________ to a mouse killed by ____________.

Molly, Charlie and Tommo begin to illegally _______ on the Colonel's ______.

Write a short description of each of the main characters we know so far......
Big Joe is kind and gentle. He loves animals and singing "Oranges and Lemons". He doesn't attend school and appears disabled.
Do the same for
Molly Charlie Tommo Mother
Colonel Grandma Wolf
Working as a table, find quotes to support your assertions.
Chapter questions
Read the first paragraph
on page 35 after the butterflies. What is the effect of contrasting Grandma Wolf's attitude towards the mice with Big Joe's?
Effect on reader:
What do we learn about the Colonel and his wife? How do the Peaceful family view them?
What do Tommo, Charlie and Molly do on the Colonel's land?
Chapter 4: Ten to Midnight
LI: To be able to structure answers using PEEEE
What does PEEEE stand for?
Chapter summary - Chapter 4: Ten to Midnight (page 47)
How is Tommo’s relationship with Charlie and Molly beginning to change in this chapter?
Think PEEE
Chapter 5: Twenty-Four Minutes Past Midnight
LI: To be able to select and retrieve quotes to support your ideas about relationships in the novel
Write a PEE paragraph to describe one of the three relationships
In Ten to Midnight, the dynamics of Tommo’s relationship with Charlie and Molly begin to change dramatically.
Read Chapter 4: Ten to Midnight (page 47)
In Chapter 4, Ten to Midnight, Charlie and ______ go poaching without Molly and are caught. They are forced to _____ the kennels as ________.

Charlie and Molly leave _____ and find _____ up at the Big House. This means Tommo sees much less of them, and begins to feel _____ _____.

One day, Charlie returns home and tells Tommo he had stolen a ____ called _____ because the _____ was going to _____ her because she was too old.

How does the Colonel want to punish Tommo and Charlie? How and why does he change plan?
What theme is introduced by Molly's stones "had let us down"? Why might this be significant?
Effect on reader:
Find quotes and references to support your description
Read Chapter 5: Twenty-Four Minutes Past Twelve (p. 61)
Effect on reader:
Summary of Chapter 5: Twenty-Five Minutes Past Midnight
Mother buys Bertha from the ______. Bertha becomes ___ ___’s constant companion.

Molly's parents _____ her from seeing Tommo and Charlie, after the Colonel tells them the Peaceful children are ______.

Tommo helps ______ and Molly exchange _____. But Tommo ends up feeling ________ after he discovers they are love letters.

Charlie and Molly find _________ shot dead by the Colonel. The chapter ends with ______ pleading “___? ___?”

Due Wednesday 25th Feb 2015
Tommo's diary entry
You have just found out about Molly and Charlie's relationship.

What are your emotions? Hope you you feel?

Use words that Tommo would have used.
Chapter 6: Nearly Five to One
LI: To be able to explain how the writer creates atmosphere and mood in the text
Task: Draw two bubbles around the words Private and Peaceful. How many connotations or meanings for the words can you think of?

Private Peaceful

What do you think is this man's life story?
What question would you like to ask him?
What now?
Answer these questions:
What happened at the end of the last chapter we read?

Which character do you think Bertha’s death will affect the most?

Can you predict how Big Joe might react to the news? What might he do?

How would you feel if someone shot your dog? What would you do?
Read Chapter 6: Nearly Five to One (page 77)
Effect on reader:
The mood during Chapter 6
Sad; mourning
Big Joe asks if Bertha was in heaven (page 77).
Chapter summary Chapter 6: Nearly Five to One
Your turn to write it!
Here is one I prepared:
After Bertha’s funeral, Big Joe disappears.

Everyone is very worried, as Big Joe is scared of the dark. Eventually, Molly suggests that Big Joe may be at the top of the church tower.

Charlie and Tommo run up there, and find Big Joe there. The church bells are rung to celebrate.

Using your table as a plan, answer this question:
How does Morpurgo change the mood and atmosphere in Nearly Five to One?
Minimum of two quotes per section
without violence
Chapter 7: Twenty Eight Minutes Past One
LI: To be able to make inferences about why the characters Tommo and Charlie sign up to go to war.
Did you recognise the song?
Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
And smile, smile, smile,
While you've a lucifer to light your fag,
Smile, boys, that's the style.
What's the use of worrying?
It never was worth while, so
Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
And smile, smile, smile.
Three questions to consider:
What effect do you think this song had on soldiers during the war?

At what kind of events might you have heard the song?

What was the purpose of the song during the conflict?
Watch this footage:
Look out for information to answer:
What do you notice about the soldiers’ body language?

What kind of atmosphere do the soldiers create?
Read Chapter 7: Twenty Eight Minutes Past One (page 87)
Do you recognise this?
It's a statue of Jack Judge in Lord Pendry Square, Stalybridge
It's a long way to Tipperary,
It's a long way to go.
It's a long way to Tipperary
To the sweetest girl I know!
Goodbye, Piccadilly,
Farewell, Leicester Square!
It's a long long way to Tipperary,
But my heart's right there.
What is different about this song to ‘Pack up your troubles’?

What message does this song give to soldiers?

Why do you think it was so popular during WW1?
Read to the end of the chapter (page 93- 104)
When Molly and Charlie marry, there are no bells and no hymns. What does this tell the reader about people's attitudes towards the wedding?
Effect on reader:
Write your chapter summary!
You are Tommo Peaceful. What is he thinking?
As you lie in bed awake, with Big Joe next to you and Molly and Charlie next door, what thoughts are going around your mind?

Should you volunteer for war? What have you to gain and lose? What would you decide?
Here's mine:
Charlie and Tommo came home to find Molly sobbing. Her parents have thrown her out because she is pregnant with Charlie’s baby. Charlie and Molly get married, but without hymns and bells. Molly moves in with the family.

Tommo sees an army recruitment event. People are being asked to join the army. Tommo doesn’t join and a woman calls him chicken.

The Colonel tells them that Charlie must enroll in the army. Tommo decides that he will join in the army too. Soon, Tommo and Charlie are boarding a train to join the army.

Three questions about Chapter 6: Nearly Five to One
Choose one question and answer it as fully as possible thinking PEE.
How do the Peaceful family agree to spread news of Big Joe being found? Why do they choose this method?
Why does Big Joe choose the church tower as the place he will go?
Would Molly make a good friend? Give reasons for your answer?
Chapter 8: Fourteen Minutes Past Two
LI: To understand the power of language and persuasion
Look at the war recruitment poster on your desks. Write an ideas you have about the poster around the edge.
Who is the poster aimed at?
What language or language techniques are used?
What effect does the picture have?
Why have the colours been chosen?
Is the poster effective?
Where do you think this would have been displayed?
Which poster do you think is most effective? Why?
What event is Charlie taking the punishment for Tommo a repeat of? What effect does this have on the reader?
Read Chapter 8: Fourteen Minutes Past Two (p.g. 105-118)
What is the name of Tommo and Charlie's Sergeant? Describe his character with evidence.
Effect on reader
Write your chapter summary
Look at this picture, what is happening? What can you say about the men pictured?
Answer one of these questions using PEE
Why is Charlie and Molly's marriage one "of shame"?
How does joining the army mirror the past events in Tommo and Charlie's lives?
What techniques, verbal and non-verbal, does the Captain use to persuade the men to join the army?
LI: To be able to explain how the enemy is portrayed in Private Peaceful

To understand the author’s intention
Chapter 9: A Minute Past Three
"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter."
What does this quote mean?
Do you agree?
Read Chapter 8: A Minute Past Three (pg 119)
What happens to Little Les?
Describe Charlie's action during the chapter.
How does the author show that Tommo frequently thinks of home?
Effect on the reader:
Read "Christmas 1914"
Is there anything in the passage which surprises you? Why?
Why did the government want people to think the Germans were evil?
Why did Field Marshall French blame the stormy weather for the Christmas ‘lull’?
Describe how Tommo sees the ‘enemy’.
Find evidence from the text to support your ideas.
Discuss the effect of this on the reader and what the author’s message might be.
Charlie the War Hero!
Do you think Charlie deserves an award for his bravery?

Write an commendation for Charlie to receive the Victoria Cross.
Due Tues 17th March 2015
Chapter 9: Twenty-Five Past Three
LI: To be able to recognise change in characters
Describe Tommo and Charlie's relationship, using evidence from the novel.
Unexpectedly, Michael Morpurgo portrays
the Germans during the war as……….

This is evident when………..
This suggests that…………
In addition…………..
I think the author’s intention was to………………….
This makes the reader feel/think about……………….
Describe how Tommo sees the ‘enemy’.
'The Hun'
‘He’s rocking like a child, like Big Joe’ (p. 132).
Aim for four words to describe how Tommo sees the enemy
Read Chapter 10: Twenty-Five Past Three (pg 135)
Who is Lieutenant Buckland? What happens to him?
Describe Tommo's emotions in the final few pages. Do they change? What causes this change?
Midway through the chapter, the author tells us "Charlie had died." Why does he do this? What effect does it have when Charlie re-emerges?
Effect on reader
Which emotion do you feel stronger?
Happiness for Charlie to be returning "Back to Blighty" or sorrow for Tommo being left all alone?
What would you do in Charlie's shoes?
Chapter 10: Nearly Four O'clock
LI: To be able to identify and explain the effect of imagery techniques in the novel
imagery techniques used by authors
Read Chapter 10: Nearly Four O'clock (pg. 150)
What does Molly name her baby? Why?
What picture of the war does Charlie paint to those back home? Why?
Effect on reader
Why does Pete react the way he does?
Read back through the chapter

Complete the imagery language table
Look out for these techniques in the next chapter!
Tommo's letter nominating Charlie for the Victoria Cross
15th Regiment Fusiliers
Belgium Front
15th January 1915

Dear Sir,

I am writing to respectfully request that you consider awarding the Victoria Cross to my brave brother, Private Charles Peaceful as a result of his incredible bravery he displayed in saving the stricken Captain Wilks.

Private Peaceful showed the courage of a lion. Captain Wilkie had sustained a near fatal injury. Indeed, Captain Wilkie had given up on himself and was preparing to meet his death in the frozen wasteland of No Man’s land amongst the crashing, whizzing bangs of the Hun’s deafening guns. Despite this, Private Peaceful would not leave him there. He cajoled him, encouraged him and brought him to safety.

Private Peaceful risked serious injury to himself. He could have returned to the safety of his dugout, but like a lion defending her cubs, he safeguarded Captain Wilkie and carried him to safety. Don’t you agree this act of gallantry deserves some recognition?

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Peaceful

The War Graves
Due Tuesday 24th Mar 2015
Write a letter back from the trenches to Molly or mother.
These are the chapter names:
Five past ten
Twenty to eleven
Nearly quarter past eleven
Ten to midnight
Twenty-four minutes past twelve
Nearly five to one
Twenty-eight minutes past one
Fourteen minutes past two
A minute past three
Twenty-five past three
Nearly four o'clock
Five to five
One minute to six
Read Chapter 11: Five to Five (p. 168)
Why does Charlie face a court martial?
Who is the villian of the chapter and book?hat does this tell you about the author's view of war?
What does Charlie do when he meets Tommo? How does this provide comfort to them both?
Effect on reader:
How do you feel?
Has the author done a successful job of making you feel empathy for the characters?
Time to write your chapter summary!
Planning for assessment
To plan and prepare for the assessment
You have the choice of three questions:
1. How does the relationship between Tommo, Charlie and Molly develop and change throughout the novel?
2. How does Morpurgo portray the ‘Hun’ in Private Peaceful? (Look at pages 119-133)
3. How does Morpurgo use imagery in the gas attack scene? (Look at pages 153-155)
Writing up your assessment
Think PEE

Link your paragraphs

Keep thinking "What is the effect on the reader?"
Easter Homework
Choose which task you would like to do:
1. What happens to Little Tommo? What does the future hold for him?
2. Write the obituary for Charles Peaceful
Due Tuesday 22nd April 2014
Then identify different verb tenses on pages 13-15. What is the effect of changing tense? What effect does it have on the reader?
sweets Colonel X-Factor winner hate Harriet adore rabbit droppings fudge eviction death wife slave Molly lottery
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