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Why you want to hire me

This is a 2 minute CV presentation created to challenge the "ordinary" and demonstrate how I might fit into your organisation. The innovative application for an innovative industry.

poppy glover

on 1 July 2015

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Transcript of Why you want to hire me

iCreate, iCommunicate
Poppy-Alexandra Glover
Why You Want To Hire Me..


“Si queréis saber algo más sobre la belleza, qué es exactamente, tenéis que consultar un libro de historia del arte y veréis que cada época tiene sus Venus y que estas Venus, puestas juntas y comparadas fuera de sus épocas, son una familia de monstruos. No es bello lo que es bello, dijo el sapo a la sapa, sino que es bello lo que nos gusta”.


University of Hertfordshire
September 2008-June 2012
2:1 Global Marketing with Advertising (BA)
I've maintained a 4.0 GPA
Fourth Year Results :
Market and Social Research
Managing Media and Communications
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Marketing
Strategic Management
Global Marketing Ethics and Culture

Second Year Results :
Advertising in Context
Employability and Entrepreneurship
Managing Human Resources
Psychology and Consumer Behaviour
Advertising in Planning
Market Planning
Financial Information for Managers
1st (Distinction)

1st (Distinction)
1st (Distinction)

Language skills:

Mandarin Chinese and French – Intermediate
Dutch and Spanish - Basic

IT skills:

Excellent in: Microsoft Office applications, SPSS, Google analytics, MYOB and QuickBooks specialist accounting programmes.

In 2010 I journeyed to the other side of the world and undertook an industrial placement year , in QLD Australia!
I developed strong clientele relations,
providing professional advice regarding e-commerce activities which later developed to achieving several sub-contracts across the automotive, global retail and logistics industries.
I learnt how to successfully undertake financial audits, composing reports and perpetual management of clients’ budgets and expenditures.
I am able to balance multiple targets with individual stakeholders and successfully meet deadlines. With zero stress or panic, hooray!
But it was not all serious office work...
I spent a fair amount of time surfing, wakebording, bush trekking, and embracing my Aussie roots! Strooth!
I am a fast learner and can be thrown into any situation
In 2004 I was an international ambassador in Hangzhou,China.
At 14 I took the role as a student ambassador at Xuejun High School to strengthen my language skills.
I was thrown into the deep end, unable to speak Mandarin when I arrived in China..
..But I survived high school and left more confident in the language, culture and ready for the next challenge!
Herts Young Homeless
I competed and co-designed an Integrated Marketing Communications proposal for a local charity; Herts Young Homeless with a team of four graduates in March, 2012.

And won.

The campaign was selected out of 40 proposals and I was given the opportunity to present to the board at Herts Young Homeless.

Details of this proposal can be forwarded if requested.
In July 2012, I won the opportunity to create, organise and implement my own campaign to target a new market in the high end food-retail sector with the Zouk Group in the cities of Bradford, Liverpool, Salford and Manchester.

This involved strengthening the brand’s reputation across new markets, generating consumer awareness and campaign management.
Ok, I have to admit... I'm a bit of an Adrenalin Junkie!
I've completed 18,000ft jumps... It's then next best way to start your day when there's no coffee
Although, I'm still lucky if I can walk away without bruises..
Surfing & Wakeboarding
Not me, but you get the idea! ->
Rock Climbing - free hand!
Skiing! (badly)

One of my best memories was Skiing in Queenstown, NZ (2012)
where I met the legend,
Bernard Hill!

(King Theoden to all the LOTR geeks
out there)

Now I'm passing down the art of "falling gracefully" to my nieces..
Which means I need
a lot of this!
White water rafting! Bbbrrrrrrrr!
(I'm the one front right, hiding inside my jacket!)
Race For Life (every year)

Sponsor, sponsor, sponsor!
I volunteer, A LOT.
Bounce for Leeds (2010)
The colour Run
To raise awareness about impaired sight, I was blindfolded for several hours and being solely reliant on a guide across both campuses at the University of Hertfordshire, early 2012.
This involved conducting regular presentations to the CEO and Chairman of Zouk such as progress reports and campaign pitches.

Scheduling and attending business development meetings with prospectus clients with the head of Marketing.

Co-selecting all the artwork and finalising media projects with the creative team and head of Marketing.

Implementing all campaign strategies and schedules. Increasing client base through media coverage, radio station broadcasts, and sports sponsorship acquisition.
During my year in Aus 2010, I took part in the Queensland flood appeal when Brisbane and surrounding suburbia was destroyed by extreme climate conditions.

Three quarters of the state was declared a disaster zone.

This greatly affected my professional and personal environments living and working within the affected areas. Many of my clients lost their businesses and their homes so I dedicated my time to helping reconstruct their companies.

Few things I learnt from the QLD Flood Appeal..

1) Jet skis are a REALLY fun way to travel through flooded towns.

2) It wasn't easy or glamorous but it was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had.

3) Snakes can swim. I don't like snakes.
Save the trees foundation.

Charity Runway Model. Exhibition entitled “Rags to Riches”, Leeds, West Yorkshire (2007). Raising awareness of material wastage and reusable fabrics to help the environment.
B2C & B2B communications
Viral Events
Press releases
I created "Curry Roulette" to bring back a bit of fun and spice to radio interviews, whilst promoting the ZOUK brand, of course.

The radio presenters of The Pulse, 97.5 fm were given six dishes with different spice palettes rating from mild - extreme hot while on air.
December time I collect toy donations, new or reusable and donate them to a local children's ward over the Christmas period.
Communicating healthcare
Communicating awareness
Audience share
National events
I've assisted in: brand identity, company literature, brochures, loyalty cards, logos, window displays, as well as print advertising, re-designing online domains and photo shoots. And I've picked up a few skills along the way!
Website content Editing
Report writing
Social analytics
Campaign monitoring
Don't be shy..
Feel free to contact me for full details of my achievements and responsibilities. Or refer to my CV for more information.
Disease awareness
Junior Sport
National Stunts
Market Trend reports
Sport Injuries
Social market trend reports
New business involvement
Managing product trials
Acquiring and maintaining Media Contacts
National future features involvements
Capitalizing events
Case study writing (medical)
Gear review placements
My work has appeared in newspapers, company websites, national ads, regional stores and trade magazines
Since then, I have achieved and maintained successful accounts across Junior/ Community Sport, Professional sport teams, Leisure Events, Retail, Disease Awareness, Family marketing, International Gaming, Sport Lifestyle, Beauty and International Healthcare.
Thank you for watching
Child Interactive Play events
Family-based competitions
Active Kids campaigns
Brand Awareness
Junior campaign engagements
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