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on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of "Initiation"

"Initiation" is a short story written by Sylvia Plath. It is a work of fiction.
This short story is about a girl, named Millicent, who wants to be a part of a high school sorority. To join, she needs to go through certain activities and challenges as part of her initiation. Throughout the story, Millicent begins to question whether or not being a part of this group is something she actually wants.
Topic Sentence:
I recommend reading the short story, "Initiation," because it is relatable, interesting, and a quick read.
AQC 1: It is Relatable
Initiation is relatable because it discusses the drama and friendships seen in an average high school. An example of this is when Tracy worries about Millicent changing, and she tells her " "you'll change, whether you think you will or not. Nothing ever stays the same" (2). This demonstrates Tracy's fear that her friend will change by hanging out with other people, something that often can happen during high school.
AQC #2: It is Interesting
A second reason to read this story is that Millicent is a very interesting character who becomes dynamic during "Initiation." Millicent starts off the story saying that "I was really thrilled to get the invitation," and throughout the story her opinion of the sorority begins to change (4). This story should be read because the reader will become attached to Millicent since she is an interesting character who begins to think for herself.
AQC #3 It is a Quick Read
A final reason to read this story is that, since the reader is invested in the character of Millicent, it is a quick read. The reader wants to keep reading because of the foreshadowing in the beginning: "She could not exactly say what had decided her revolt, but it definitely had something to do with Tracy and something to do with the heather birds" (1). The story hints at the past and future, and then sends the reader back with a flashback, making the reader want to know more so they have to read quickly.

Clincher Sentence:
In conclusion, I recommend this book because I could relate it to my own high school experience, it made me feel connected to the main character, and it made me want to finish the story quickly so I could know what had happened to Millicent.
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