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No description

lauren pilsworth

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Weed!

The effects of cannabis!
Cannabis has a number of different effects, one of them is that you can be: happy,relaxed and may have the giggles. Some people have one or two drags on a joint and feel light-headed, faint and sick. This is sometimes called a ‘whitey’.
Cannabis may cause feelings of anxiety, suspicion, panic and paranoia.

The Law
If the Police catch you with cannabis, they’ll always take some action. This could be a warning, a reprimand, a formal caution, a fixed penalty or an arrest and possible conviction.
A conviction for a drug-related offence could have a pretty serious impact. It can stop you visiting certain countries – for example the US – and limit the types of jobs you can apply for.

Someone's story of cannabis
The risks
For people with illnesses such as schizophrenia, cannabis can cause a serious relapse. It can increase the heart rate and affect blood pressure, which can be especially harmful for those with heart disease. If you’re pregnant, smoking cannabis may increase the risk of your baby being born smaller than expected.
This is a picture of a cannabis plant!
People going crazy over cannabis
Im 22 and Ive been smoking cannabis ever since I was 13. everyday I would spend so much money on it and it came to a point when I would sit at home smoking all day long. I stopped going out, I became very depressed and started self harming. I started to depend on it to sleep. it messed with my head and made me so paranoid. I lost all my friends..and all I cared about was smoking.

Its been over a week since Ive stopped and Ive never felt better - more energy and can finally go out and do things. Yes its hard...I have problems sleeping and eating but it came to a point I knew I had to stop for me to be happy.

Thank-you for watching hope you enjoyed this prezi about weed/cannabis :)
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