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Copy of English Table Service

No description

Mereanne Aquino

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of English Table Service

English Table Service
It is our family custom to eat every meal together.
English table service may be an informal, hospitable type of service or it may be very formal.
Table Setting and Service
Table setting and serving depends on the occasion, number of people who will eat, number of dishes to be served and number of table wares to be used.
At mealtime, the family and other members of the household get together to eat, relax and share experiences.
Meal time can be attractive and enjoyable if food had been properly prepared, cooked, served and set.
What is English Table Service?
English Table Service, also known as English Style, Host Service or Family Style, is an informal way of table setting wherein the foods are placed at the middle of the table. Each family member just get what she/he wants on a plate. He may also request passing of a food far from his reach.
Characteristics of English Style Table Service
All the food is served from the table by the host and hostess, who give their personal attention to the needs of their guests.
The host serves the meat and vegetables while the hostess usually serves the appetizer, the salad, the dessert and the beverage.
The waitress is still needed to place the plates for the guests and to pass the accompaniments of the course. She stands at the left of the one doing the serving.
One course at a time is served. One course is removed before the next course is brought in.
The plates may be placed one at a time or they may be placed in a pile at the host's left where he may fill them.
The host serves the first portion and the waiter takes a plate and places it before the one serving.
Desserts appropriate for this type of service are molded gelatine or ice cream.
This style shows very tasteful arrangement indicative of the family's style of living
It is designed to make the guest or guests feel at home.
Table Service is defined by what dishes are used, what utensils are used and the manner of presenting a meal to the guest

Advantages of English Style
– All food cooked in kitchen.
– Plates are preset and food is carved
and put on plate by host then guests
serve themselves sides.
– casual dining, guests control portions, less service skill needed
– fast service
Disadvantages of English Style
- It is less formal
- Host may run out of food and maybe required to do more work
- Has no presentation
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