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Program manager into

No description

Dafna Levran

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Program manager into

Into to Program Management department
A project manager is the responsible to lead the cross functional execution is order to meet the project's business targets

Project Manager?
Who are your program managers?
Create accurate, cross functional plan
Track the project status
Communicate clear status
Manages the projects risks
Project Manager in Payonner
Sync all the cross functions project effort
What the difference?
Program Manager
Project vs. program
- program is group of related projects that are managed together

Product vs. program manager
- Product manager define the requirements, Program manager lead the execution to meet these requirements working closely with all relevant dep in the company
Project life Cycle
Project Status- Metrics
Scope vs. time
Fever Chart
AP= Actual Protection= Remaining buffer/
Remaining effort

Quality metrics
To Be Defined....
- Opened vs. closed rate
- Opened bugs burn down
- Bugs age
- escape bugs
- more....
Risk Management
As early as we discover-> less costly
Risk definitions: If….Than…
Risks Characters: Owner, Impact, Probability, mitigation plan/contingency plan
Protfolio Managamnet
Ensure that the projects portfolio reflects that strategic/business direction
Enable decision making process and change management process by reflecting the implication on different decisions
Provide visibility to the organization on the long/short term plans and status

What do we do?
1. Project/program Management

2. Portfolio Management

3. Execution process improvement
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