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Back to School Night!

No description

Haley Hawkins

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Back to School Night!

Instagram Logo
Instagram is a photo and video sharing mobile app that is currently available on Apple and Android devices. Users can either upload a photo/video from their device's library or take a photo/video right then and there and use several different filters to change the way it looks. The user is also able to tag their location, tag other Instagram users or hashtag different words so more people will see their photos and videos. Like other social networking sites, all users have the ability to follow or not follow one another.
What is Instagram?
Back to School Night!
Instagram Safety
Keeping Your Child Safe
on Instagram
Fast, easy and efficient way to share photos
Instagram is a way for your child to connect with their friends or make new friends around the world.
A way to express themselves by sharing their experiences and interests.
Some children have an easier time talking to people through a computer or cell phone, rather than face to face.
You are able to block certain users and make your photos private, so users that do not follow you cannot view, comment or like them.
Pros of Instagram
Back to School Night!
Instagram and Your Child

Instagam Safety
Cons of Instagram
Instagram reserves the right to reproduce, reuse and redistribute any photo that users upload even if the photo is deleted. Everything posted on the Internet will be there forever, even if it is deleted.
Cyber bullying
Instagram users are able to comment hateful things on other's photos.
Children have access to other people's inappropriate photos and foul language.
Since Instagram users are able to tag their location, it is very easy for predators to find where they usually are.
Instagram Sharing
This app is completely free in the app store.
Instagram Privacy

Security of your child is important to you, no matter what their age. If they have an account here are some areas that you should find important. If they don't have one as of yet take this time to become educated and aware.

Instagram Picture Sharing
Everyone that has chosen to follow your child can view his/her Pics.
You can make photos Private.
Try to discourage your child from posting photos of themselves.
Let's Talk About
Fordham Center of
Law & Information Policy


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Poll Time
200 Million Monthly Active Users
Instagram has approximately 20 million more users then Twitter and 100 million less than Facebook.
17% of teenagers say that Instagram is the most important social media site.
There are 8,500 likes and 1,000 comments by Instagram users every second.
5 million photos are uploaded everyday.
Instagram gains one new user every second.
20% of users are ages 12-17
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