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The Great Gatsby

No description

Kayla O'Neill

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby


About the author:
Main Characters
Themes in
The Great Gatsby
Who is the
author of the novel
The Great Gatsby?
Who is the Narrator
of the Novel?

Throughout the novel the desire within the society is to acquire the american dream. The thought was that money could buy happiness and materialism was almost an asset. Gatsby in particular tried to buy an abundance of unnecessary possessions in attempt of filling the void he acquired in missing Daisy. He through elaborate, insane parties in order to see others using his possessions and gaining happiness in way of trying to self medicate his own sorrows. A persons name was highly based on social class and how much money and materialistic things one has. Gatsby was known for his possessions and crazy parties but no one knew who he really was because no one really took the time to get to know him on a personal level. Not to mention that Gatsby himself didn’t know he he was. Upon reuniting with Daisy, Gatsby attempted to win her over with a large amount of expensive flowers and promised her she could have anything she could ever want with him. Daisy had promised to wait for Gatsby after the war but married Tom based on his riches.

Themes Continued
Women were seen as a possession to men as they could not work so they needed the man’s money to support themselves. Divorce was not an option so no matter how much Daisy did not want to be with Tom she had to because he had a lot of money. Women were also very sexualized as this was a time of sexual revolution. Women were not abstinent or held out for marriage and sex was seen as an act of lust over love. Tom had a mistress named Myrtle who had plans of marriage in their future and was unaware of Tom’s marriage to Daisy. Although Daisy was aware of his mistress she could not divorce him even though she did not love him.
Divorce was not popular. Women were not seen as important members of society and were used in determining a man’s social status as well as riches.
Written By:
Scott Fitzgerald
Quiz Question
Quiz Question
Jay Gatsby:
-rich man who became rich because of bootlegging
-ex military man
-lives in West Egg and is the neighbor of Nick Carraway
-novel is named after him

Nick Carraway
-narrator of the novel
-moved to West Egg from Minnesota to learn about bond business
-has a love interest for Jordan Baker
-kind, helpful, good listener this is seen when he helped Gatsby rekindle his relationship

Daisy Buchanan
-Nick's cousin and Gatsby's love interest.
-jealous, she kills her husband love interest
-disloyal, promised to wait for Gatsby but when he came back from war Daisy had married Tom
-deceiving, she ends up leaving town with her cheating husband to have a better life after killing his love interest
Quiz Question
Scott Fitzgerald
Nick Carraway
Name that literary device!
“You remind me of a- of a rose, an absolute rose. Doesn’t he?” - Daisy about Nick
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24th, 1896 in Saint Paul, Minnesota to an upper-middle-class family. He went to school in Buffalo, New York and as a child was found to be unusually intelligent and very interested in literature.
We can see how this upbringing is reflected in his writing of
The Great Gatsby
because Gatsby himself is very rich and throws lavish parties with upper-class people.
As a child, Fitzgerald received all the advantages of being in an upper-middle-class family, and was sent to good schools where he received a high level of education. Because of this, and his early interest in literature it is no wonder he became a well known author and short-story writer.
Scott Fitzgerald got his education in New York and so he was familiar with this area, which is the setting of
The Great Gatsby
. For a time he actually lived in a small house which was in the "West Egg", similar to Nick's experience in the book. He would have been surrounded by other larger houses, which resemble Gatsby's mansion. He was also alive during the 1920's which is the time frame for this novel.

Answer: A metaphor
Themes Continued..

In town, there was a billboard of eyes that were a symbol to represent God. No one would sin in front of that sign as “God is always watching.” However when out of sight from that sign sinning was no big deal. Theft, lust, adultery and murder were all considered acceptable as long as they weren’t in the eyes of God. Religion was used as an excuse to identify themselves as a good person but attending church was not important or even practicing Christianity. Gatsby held a party on a Sunday while mass was held and people still attended claiming they didn’t belong in a church. Anyone who said they were a Christian was just a cover to make them sound like a good person in those times (it was a norm) but they had not intention of acting like a true Christian.
Beginning of the
1922 Summer
Middle of
Summer 1922
End of the
1922 Summer
Beginning of the 1922 Summer
In the summer of 1922, Nick Carraway, a young man who is the protagonist of the novel moves from the Midwest in Minnesota to sell bonds in New York. While in Long Island, he found a house he could rent in the West Egg district. Nick’s next door neighbour was a mysterious man named Jay Gatsby who lived in a large mansion and the only thing that the public knew about him was every Saturday night he threw expensive parties. Nick visits to the wealthy East Egg district where his cousin Daisy, was married to Tom, one of Nick’s classmates from Yale. They were party enthusiasts and people who loved to gossip. However, practically everyone knows that Tom was cheating on Daisy with a girl named Myrtle Wilson. Eventually, Nick managed to get an invitation to one of his neighbours lavish parties where through a woman named Jordan Baker who he sparks a relationship with, he starts to learn more about Gatsby.
Throughout the Summer of 1922
Nick managed to become friends with Gatsby and finds out that he is still in love with his cousin Daisy and they once had history together. The two were going to get married when they were young but they were too poor to so they planned on waiting so Gatsby devoted the next few years of his life trying to become rich. Nick made arrangements for him to meet Daisy so she could unexpectedly reunite with Gatsby. Subsequently, they have an affair and as a result, Tom becomes suspicious at parties and attempts to prove that there is more to Gatsby than just being a young man with a nice smile and English accent. Eventually, on the hottest day of the summer, Nick and Gatsby visit the house of Tom and Daisy and later they all get a suite in Manhattan at the Plaza Hotel with Jordan. There Daisy reluctantly admits that she wants to be with Gatsby because she never loved Tom.
End of the Summer of 1922
Tom finds that to be nonsense and confirms that she isn’t leaving him because he had Gatsby investigated and it turns out that he is a criminal who sold illegal liquor in organized crime. So Tom lets Gatsby drives Daisy home, and when Jordan, Nick and Tom drive through the valley of ashes, they notice that Myrtle was killed by Gatsby car. Gatsby tells Nick that it was actually Daisy who had the wheel at the time yet he decides to take the blame. Ultimately, Tom tells George, Myrtle’s husband that Gatsby was the driver and while Gatsby was floating on a raft in his pool, George kills Gatsby with his gun and then shoots himself. Nick arranges his funeral however only two people attend, Nick and Gatsby father. His father, Henry C. Gatz tells Nick how he is proud of what his son achieved. Over the phone, Nick breaks up with Jordan and moves back to the Midwest.
The most important symbol in the novel The Great Gatsby is the color green. Green is the color that symbolizes hope. This symbol is first seen when Gatsby stares across the bay towards a green light at the end of a dock. This is Daisy’s light he is staring at. This symbolizes how Gatsby wants to win over Daisy and how he has many hopes for her.
Another symbol is the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg. These eyes are on a billboard however the reader does not know that right away. The characters in the novel reference these eyes a few time. The represent that God is always watching what everyone does. These eyes watch people like God does. Even though the characters are not very religious, they still believe that God is watching them.

What is the most important symbol in the novel?
Answer:The Green Light
Name one character the author is reflected in during the novel. Explain why?
Hint: There are two options.
The Great Gatsby-The author grew up with his parents having a lot of money and having a rich lifestyle.
Nick- The author lived in the West Egg in a small house surrounded by big houses.
The 2013 movie compared to the 1974 novel;
One of the comparisons I found is that Jordan Baker and Nick had a relationship in the book, but did not have one in the movie.
The movie was quoted directly from the novel for the most part, but were at times shortened.
“Old sport” which was a frequent Gatsby expression throughout the novel, was definitely seen in the movie
The route between the East Egg and West Egg which was described as having “Ash-heaps and a billboard of the doctor staring down at the road”, was portrayed in the same way in the movie as it was in the novel.
One of the key differences is how Nick Carraway narrates the novel compared to what we see in the movie.
(In the movie we see him actually writing the storyline and in the end publishing it, but in the novel we only hear of him narrating it.)
Another one of the similarities from the novel is how in the movie they also focused on the green light from Daisy’s home across from Gatsby’s.
In the movie Gatsby’s parties were seen to be as exciting and popular as they were in the novel.
The houses in the movie also appeared as they were described in the novel.
Movie and Novel Comparison
Presentation by: Kayla O'Neill, Katrina Mayda, Matt Clement, Simon Hagos, Alyssa Lutes and Sharon Ruiter
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