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Gizem Sacıhan

on 16 June 2014

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Steps of the project
The Area
Increasing the density of the C2 and C3 order
points in F21-D Plate Area's
Global Positioning System Network

010090395 Engin ERDEM
010080385 Emre YILMAZ
010110511 Gizem SACIHAN
010100418 Kerem MERT
010100413 Mutlucan MESCİ
010110528 Orhan TETİK

- The F21-D map, which was provided by the lecturer, has been converted into a NetCAD file.

- The neighbour plates have been checked and digitized.

- The necessary transformations for project have been done.

- The points of C1 have been marked on the digitized map. C2 and C3 have been produced based on C1 points.

- A densification GPS network has been designed regarding the regulation.

- Progress sketch and session plan has been prepared.

- Feasibility report has been prepared according to the project.
1/50000 scaled topographic map(F21-D)
Large Scale Map and Map Information Production Regulation(BÖHHBÜY)
4+1 Dual Frequency GPS receivers(one more dual frequency GPS receiver for the second day sessions)
1 Total station
4 automobiles
Coordinate Transformations from ITRF-96 to ED-50 were necessary because the coordinates and plates were in different datum.

Number of C Order Network Stations
Properties of C1 Order Control Stations
Large Scale Map and Map Information Production Regulation Book (BÖHHBÜY) indicates;

C2 order Control Station;
1:100000 plate code + 2 + 0001 = F2220001

C3 order Control Station;
1:100000 plate code + 3 + 0001 = F2230001

Properties of C2 Order Control Stations
Properties of C3 Order Control Stations
Progress Sketch
(According to the Article 14)

Distance must be between 15-20 km.
Number of satellites : at least 4
Recording interval : 15 second or less
Elevation angle : at least 15 degree
Recording time : at least 2 hours

Average distance must be 5 km
Number of satellites : at least 4
Recording interval : 15 second or less
Elevation angle : at least 15 degree
Recording time : 45 minutes between pillars
2times x 30 minutes if the point is not a pillar
The antennas should be changed at least 10 cm.

Distance must be 3 km or less.
Number of satellites: at least 4
Recording interval: 15 second or less
Elevation angle: at least 10 degree
Recording time: 20 minutes if base up to 5 km
2times x 30 minutes if the point is not a pillar
At least 2 independent baseline solution

Progress Sketch shows where the state of survey is.
In triangulation and traversing, each point established, lines observed over, and base lines measured are shown on the progress sketch.

Feasibility of the Work
28 hours working time:
(15-measurements, 12-access to pts, , 5-office)
1 Surveying eng: (32hrs) = 685 TL
4 operator (30hrs)=1800TL
3 workers (30hrs)= 360 TL
3 auto rent (27hrs)= 1057,5 TL
18-C2 establishment (503.21 TL*18=9057,78TL)
23 C3 establishment (12 TL*23 = 276TL )

Feasibility of the Work
3 GPS receivers hired (28hrs) = 1640,178 TL
Computer (6hrs) = 8,94TL
GPS evaluation prg (2hrs) =9.86 TL
Print Out (1hr) = 11.80 TL
Other expenses (Food etc.) = 500 TL

Sub Total = 15462,06 TL
Profit (22,7%) = 4537.94 TL
TOTAL = 20000 TL..

Details of Expenses
C2 Pilar expense includes; locating, pilar’s material, benchmarks sketch, instrument connection tool, measurements and calculations and drawings of canavas,

C3 establishment expense includes; locating, bronze marks, measurements and calculations and drawing of canavas.

Reconnaissance Sketch
In the Reconnaissance Sketch;

Control Stations
Urban Area
Power Lines
Transportation Lines
Water Zones

Have been displayed
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